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Problems encountered in production of multilayer board manufacturers and their solutions

2019-06-27 08:25:37

Every product in the production process will be more or less encountered some problems, in addition to the operation of the problem, there are some multilayer board itself. We along with the multilayer board manufacturers together to see the problems encountered and the solution.


When the veneer of multi-ply plywood is spliced together, when the link between the veneer and the veneer is defective, the quality problem will be caused; the main reason for this situation is that there is no alignment between the veneer and the veneer, the solution is in operation, align the veneer with the veneer to make a regular square.

Multi-layer board SPLICING is too tight or loose is often met with the situation, single board and single board links have gaps, it will cause insufficient grip force; if too tight, it will cause laminated.

These quality problems can be effectively avoided by selecting seams and inclined lap joints. Multi-layer board monochrome color or finish is not the same reason is the batcher in batching material selection or Jigsaw Board operation when the two pieces of the board is not the same, loose side, tight side of the reverse. The solution is to improve the operator's technical level, more technical training, and strengthen the operator's sense of responsibility.

Multilayer board manufacturers introduced these small problems, many times we can avoid, as long as more patience and careful, you can save a lot of time and energy.



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