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What is a flame retardant board?

2019-06-27 08:25:37

Liuzhou Plywood fire-retardant board is also a kind of building board in our lives, in fact, also has a strong practicality, as the name suggests that this board is a fire-resistant board. Each kind of plate has its own characteristics, then flame-retardant plate characteristics of what is it? Today we will start the topic with the flame-retardant board, to see what exactly is the flame-retardant board, since it is a flame-retardant board, then with the fire grade, so today here we also want to understand the flame-retardant board fire grade knowledge. If you want to understand the fire-retardant board, then take a look at the Shandong fire-retardant board.

1. What is a flame retardant board?

Fire-retardant board, also known as fire-retardant board, fire-retardant Plywood, fire-retardant Plywood, etc. , is a three-layer or multi-layer plywood made of twisted logs into wood chips or wood planing into small wood cubes, which are treated with fire-retardant and then glued with adhesive, it is usually made of an odd number of layers of wood glued together perpendicular to each other in the direction of the fibres of the adjacent layers.

Introduction of fire-proof grade of flame-retardant board

First of all, we want to make it clear that the fire-retardant board can be divided into 4 grades. According to GB8624-1997"classification of combustion performance of building materials and products" , there are four grades of fire-retardant board: Grade A, grade a homogeneous material and grade a composite (sandwich) material Class B COMBUSTIBLE MATERIALS: Class B 1 materials and Class B 2 materials and Class B 3 materials. According to GB8624-2006"building materials and products burning performance classification" is divided into: A 1, a 2, B, c, D, e, F grade. 1997 Standard B1 class flame retardant board, can with 2006 Standard B, C class flame retardant board corresponding. But the most common flame-retardant board in the board market basically belongs to the B fire-retardant grade, fire-retardant board used wood is fire-retardant Wood, fire-retardant phenolic plywood, fire-retardant MDF, fire-retardant plywood are fire-retardant board.

What are the characteristics of Flame Retardant Board?

The flame-retardant board is economical, simple to process, high utilization rate, and has good physical and mechanical properties and processing properties. It can be made into plates of different thickness, therefore, it is widely used in furniture manufacturing, construction, interior decoration, shipbuilding, automobile and other industries.

Fire-proof grade of fire-proof board

Flame-retardant board is a kind of board which can restrain the flame burning speed or put out the flame directly in the ignition state. According to its flame retardancy can be divided into A and B grade. A class for non-combustible materials, and the general market in the Board of fire-retardant board basically belongs to the B class fire.

So what exactly is the role of a fire retardant panel in a fire?

When fire occurs, the flame-retardant Board can restrain the open fire and reduce the heat, so as to buy time for escape and fire fighting.



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