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"Yangbanjian" large space villa decoration, life and the integration of modern art

2019-06-27 08:25:37


Modern Art is always unique and private. The big space villa can also present the home decoration theme completely. With low-key clear water model texture for the wall shape, unique ingenuity. Whether it is the seat, or coffee table, each piece of furniture, people seem to be placed in the art gallery, experience fine furniture, the space everywhere moving aesthetic light.


The spacious public space is presented in an open format, full of modern atmosphere. The space is decorated with large-scale bird cage patterns, which add vitality to the large space. Both avant-garde and elegant.


The Living Room Wall is based on a water model, with a Matte Ferrous and a rock textured wall. The large floor to ceiling windows allow sunlight to enter the room. Natural Light and shadow complement the modern aesthetic. In the space along with the wood grain, the stone material texture stack, the Hollow Metal Place Shelf, the light and shadow flows freely in the space.


A large marble backdrop with a star-patterned wall creates a quiet space. The walnut-colored floors of the Liuzhou Plywood are seamed flat in the living room. The background walls of the sofas are both practical and aesthetically pleasing, and the floor in the color of the phase should be far. The Gray Sofa with suede texture is clean and crisp, with a strong style and clean lines.


Dining area is also full of modern design, the original rough shape of the table more personality, table full of ring texture, irregular table to break the table is rigid impression. The original color of the concrete staircase adds an industrial element to the space. The space is separated by glass, and the sense of permeability makes the field of vision wider.

The company is committed to a more transparent, standardized, high standard, cost-effective, and more rigorous and simple customer service process, for the majority of the installation needs of users to provide more convenient, assured and transparent DIY menu one-stop solution for home decoration needs. Think about what the user wants. It's not good, it's better. We will try our best to make every home a model room in your community!


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