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Introduction to the excellent characteristics of multi-layer ecological board

2019-09-29 11:42:42

Liuzhou Plywood and multi-layer eco-board manufacturers for raw materials, will go through strict numerical control drying, to ensure that multi-layer eco-board with a stable moisture content.

In terms of the characteristics of the multi-layer eco-board, it has high strength and water resistance, strong impact resistance, no cracking and other characteristics; the product appearance is natural and beautiful, elegant, chic, with solid wood texture and natural texture, it has the simple feeling of returning to nature, and can embody the unique effect of modern building aesthetic feeling and material design aesthetic through different design forms, no maintenance, no pollution, no pollution, and has the characteristics of sound absorption and energy saving; Also has a good environmental protection, anti-uv, antibacterial, formaldehyde-free, non-radiation, ammonia, benzene and other harmful substances, in line with environmental standards.

The multi-layer eco-board uses environment-friendly glue, and uses dealdehyde technology to remove aldehyde. The environmental protection level is higher, through the perfect multi-channel process, the nail holding ability and stability are stronger.

Multi-layer eco-board manufacturers in the production of material, materials, technology and management, are very important, they will be related to the quality of the board.

For example, the decorative layer, the base material layer and the glue are all playing an important role, in which the Melamine Veneer paper is chosen for the decorative layer, which has gorgeous colors, high-quality products, complete specifications, and a variety of colors, its color expression than any kind of wood grain, can ensure that never change color, quality always as new. For the substrate layer, you can use domestic high-quality wood for large core plate substrate, part of the high-end plate to select the original Phyllanthus Emblica for the substrate. There are problems with the glue, to choose low formaldehyde content of the adhesive paste to ensure the production of eco-board with environmental protection.


Such a high-quality multi-layer eco-board, its wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, anti-fouling, corrosion resistance, steam resistance, aging resistance, flame retardance and other physical and chemical properties are very good.

Multi-layer eco-plate manufacturers plate is often used in home decoration, and in peacetime, it should also pay attention to its maintenance, what should be done specifically? This is very important.

For multi-layer eco-board, must avoid long-term direct sunlight, or indoor too dry, if the board in such an environment for a long time, it is easy to appear cracking or cracking phenomenon, affect the aesthetic. Also can not be placed directly on the air outlet of the air conditioning or next to the heating cover, this will make multilayer ecological board skin due to too dry and cracking, thus affecting the service life of the board, will also make the final effect of decoration affected. And when cleaning multilayer ecosystem board, can use dry cloth or after wringing dry dishcloth is wiped gently, such can rise to protect and clean effect.

In fact, the general quality of the multi-layer eco-board, the surface color gloss is relatively uniform, will not appear color and gloss uneven phenomenon.

Now multi-layer eco-plate manufacturers plate, has become solid wood, stone, metal plate, ceramic plate and other building materials substitute, mainly because of its advantages.

There are many material specifications of multi-layer eco-board, which can be adjusted individually, and the construction process is simple and quick. In terms of color, and color can be random collocation and color lasting, for the designer to provide free design space. Then to say, multi-layer eco-board wear-resistant, heat-resistant, water-resistant, chemical pollution-resistant, not deformation, is a very good quality plate, can save energy and reduce consumption, can be recycled. In addition, the multi-layer eco-plate surface texture natural, beautiful texture, but also easy to clean, expand the application of green eco-building materials and creative space.

Multi-layer eco-board is generally based on multi-layer Plywood, blockboard and other wood-based panels, to dip film paper as a decorative plate, paint-free environmental protection, does not contain Formaldehyde, toluene and any harmful substances, its environmental protection level up to e 0.


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