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What to look for in a multi-tiered eco-board

2019-09-29 11:44:09

Multi-layer eco-board manufacturers of this board, fundamentally solve the wood products in a humid and water environment easy to rot and expand the deformation of the problem, used for outdoor weather resistance is good, so it is very popular.

However, when we buy multi-layer eco-plate, you can observe with your eyes, the general surface of high-quality products is very smooth, there will be no defects, also need to pay attention to observe whether the plate is hollow. Also need to use hand to touch, carefully press the surface of a third of the board, generally for high-quality board, with no stack core, core away from the phenomenon, but also won't dry, overall there is no concave-convex feeling. Ha can smell with the nose, close to the plate smell, if there is no pungent smell, that the plate is more environmentally friendly, if the smell is pungent, that the formaldehyde content is high or even seriously exceeded.

Multi-layer eco-board with natural wood texture and wood texture, can be customized according to different colors and textures, can be very simple to achieve a personalized appearance, according to the design reflects a variety of different styles, tailor-made products for everyone.

For the drying degree of raw materials have strict requirements, because this will seriously affect the production quality of multilayer board, so multilayer eco-board manufacturers need strict control.

When judging the drying degree of the raw material of multilayer ecological board, we can weigh it first. This is a more intuitive method. The raw material of board after natural air-drying will be heavier than the material with high humidity. You can then feel the temperature of the wood with your hand, which is the easiest way to tell. We can also touch with the hands, which more water plate, feel more cold, then its drying degree is relatively poor, multi-layer eco-plate manufacturers in the selection of production materials, we need to pay attention to this issue.


When we buy multilayer plywood and multilayer zoology board, can listen to sound, if sound sounds more oppressive, show its dry degree is better, also won't appear problem easily in the later use.

Multi-layer eco-board manufacturers of high-quality products, will generally have no paint, wear, anti-fouling, anti-moisture deformation and other properties, and is very environmentally friendly, then what needs attention at ordinary times?

Before using multi-layer eco-board, the size and appearance quality of the board should be checked, including whether there is degumming, blistering, color difference, surface trauma, etc. . In the process of transportation and handling, pay attention to handle gently, so as not to cause trauma to the upper and lower parts, and do not get wet or wet, but should be placed in a ventilated and dry place. Also do not pile up with the formaldehyde content exceeding the standard plate, lest cause the second pollution of the Free Formaldehyde to the plate. Non-special mark ecological board is indoor material, not suitable for the production of outdoor landscape and corresponding wood products.

The multi-layer eco-board is a kind of non-structural wood-based panel, which should be used in the balanced position of structural mechanics in the process of wood products processing and interior decoration, so as to avoid the deformation and fracture caused by excessive external force.

In the multi-layer eco-plate manufacturers to buy this plate, of course, is to check its quality is good or bad, specifically from which aspects to carry on?

If it is a good quality multi-layer ecology, the surface should be smooth and smooth, no defects, from the side to see whether the core thickness is uniform, to observe whether there is overlap from the core phenomenon. Touch the surface of the multi-layer board with your hand. The high quality board should feel dry, smooth and even. The transverse touch has no wave shape, indicating low moisture content and good flatness. Stick material with nostril to smell, if send out the smell of fragrance, that formaldehyde content is low, if the smell is pungent, that formaldehyde content is high. If possible, the board will be sawed open to see its internal quality, lath texture is dense, there are no obvious cracks and rotten rotten rotten wood, rotten wood may be the existence of insect hatching, easy to occur in the future, there are no large gaps.

They can also be placed on the ground and struck with a hand or other blunt instrument in different parts of the body. If the sound is very different, it indicates a certain quality problem and may be hollow inside. If the sound is more uniform, show that the quality is acceptable.


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