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Maintenance of multi-layer ecological board

2019-09-29 11:51:39

Multi-layer eco-board manufacturers are more variety of products, in order to ensure the quality of products, some matters need attention, now we come to a careful understanding of it?

Because the material used to make the products is wood, the water content of the products should be controlled. During use, it must not be placed in direct sunlight for a long time, or the room is too dry, it is easy to appear dry crack or burst skin phenomenon, affect the appearance. Also can not be directly opposite the air outlet of the air conditioning or placed next to the radiator cover, this can cause the board skin to crack because of being too dry, thus affecting the service life of the board,

In fact, the general quality of the multi-layer eco-board, the surface color gloss is relatively uniform, will not appear color and gloss uneven phenomenon

In the production of furniture eco-board, is the use of decorative paper compression covered in the surface, can save the link on the furniture paint, so it is very environmentally friendly.

However, when decorating, the furniture and the whole decoration of the house must match harmoniously. Furniture made with ecological board, no matter it is Ambry, Drunkard, TV cabinet, shoe cabinet, etc. , may adopt different color collocation, both with the overall style of housing decoration, but also in line with the natural beautiful generous. The eco-board meets this need because of its variety of colors, clear texture and ability to restore the natural color and texture of wood. The color of ecological board basically has cherry red, white, oaken to wait, can choose the furniture of different color according to the decorate style of whole house.


Because of its high hardness, high strength and high density, the ecological board of Guangxi Plywood Factory has good nail holding force, can be used for a long time without loosening, and also can increase the stability and durability of furniture.

Furniture eco-board is the use of machine edge-sealing method, if there is not beautiful knot, there is a crush phenomenon, ecological board itself has a problem, cross-section to have a wooden feel.

Eco-board should have anti-counterfeiting signs, and should be in the board with anti-counterfeiting passwords and other processing measures, so as to enhance consumer trust. Then pay attention to check the edge of the plate, note whether the edge is flat, if there is not beautiful knot head, there is a crush phenomenon, then the plate itself has a problem. There is also a point is to pay attention to its substrate, hard substrate health try not to buy, because the substrate made of eco-plate is easy to deformation. Standard eco-board material is made of solid wood compression, in the middle of the wood joint is very tight, smooth and smooth section, product color is the basic means of resolution.

The furniture ecological board has many kinds of colors and gorgeous colors. It is free of paint, wear-resisting, high-temperature resistant, corrosion-resistant, waterproof and moisture-proof.

In order to ensure the quality of furniture eco-board, but also to avoid in the future use of deformation, in the process of the need to dry it.

Specifically, can be divided into several stages, the first is the heating period, veneer began to contact the air, internal moisture does not evaporate, the heat of the hot air mainly to make veneer temperature, at this time as long as the veneer surface began to evaporate moisture. Then is the constant speed drying period, when the veneer temperature will continue to rise, promoting the surface and the pressure inside the plate. Then there is the deceleration drying period, during which the drying of veneer surface has reached below the saturation point, and the speed of internal water movement does not match the speed of surface evaporation, at this point the drying process gradually like veneer into the interior of the furniture eco-board.

For the drying process is also need to be well controlled, because the quality of drying effect will directly affect the quality of furniture eco-board, so we must carefully check, control the various processes



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