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Details of the creation of the plywood furniture eco-board in Liuzhou

2019-09-29 11:55:04

Furniture eco-board in lockers, office partitions, office furniture and other aspects are applied, and this board is made when, what are the details?

One stage is the contact and infiltration process between the Matrix and the reinforcing fiber. Because the reinforcing fiber has different adsorbability to various groups or components in the Matrix, it is always necessary to adsorb those substances which reduce its surface ability. The second stage is the curing stage of the polymer, in which the polymer is cured by a physical or chemical process to form a fixed interface layer. The curing process is affected by one stage, at the same time, it directly determines the structure of the interface layer. In the process of preparing composite materials, under certain temperature and pressure, the spread, permeation of molten plastic fluid on the surface of wood fiber materials and wood fiber materials.

On the other hand, the state of the surface free energy of wood fiber materials and plastics will affect the whole composite process and have an important impact on the properties of composite materials.

In the selection of Guangxi plywood manufacturers multilayer eco-plate manufacturers, the need to check whether the surface is smooth, whether there are cracks and scratches, quality products, is not allowed to exist in this situation.

In the production of multi-layer eco-plate process, the general need to go through glue, glue pressure, so you can become a slab, and then into the stage of sanding. In the process of processing, but also through the planing, and then Sanding, leveling, repair process. At this time also need to use a special dust removal device, so as to better ensure the product processing accuracy, so as to better improve the quality of the whole plate. The pattern of multi-layer eco-board can be made into various styles, and the pattern is mainly made by cold-pressing or hot-pressing the decorative paper and the board together, and then after the wood-grain steel printing.


The general multi-layer eco-board can imitate all the wood grain, so that its decorative effect will be better, because this is deeply loved by people.

Furniture Ecological board is mainly using inorganic materials as the main raw materials, then produced into the board have what characteristics? We can get to the bottom of it.

Furniture eco-board has good machinability, nail grip and impact resistance, according to different stone engineering design and technology requirements of arbitrary cutting, changing shape, good resistance to abrasion, acid and Alkali Corrosion and water vapor erosion, low thermal conductivity, excellent fire resistance, non-combustible a class standards. The utility model has the advantages of simple installation, good energy saving, high comprehensive benefit, firm reliability, labor saving and time saving, shortened construction period, and greatly reduced installation cost. Also has excellent physical and chemical properties, waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti-insect, anti-mildew, anti-freeze. Its color can match at will and the color and Lustre is invariable, provides the free design space for the designer.

Furniture Ecological board is especially suitable for old wall reconstruction, no matter whether the old wall surface is brick or paint, can be directly constructed on the old wall surface, avoiding the pollution of the original wall surface, reducing the garbage removal, greatly speeding up the construction progress.

Furniture on the market ecological board, multi-layer board and other types of plate, and in these two kinds of plate, what are the differences?

First, there is a big difference in raw materials, eco-plate raw materials are the same size of the square, or round-axis stick;. But the raw material of the Multilayer Board is sheet by sheet veneer. Then there is the difference in the production process. The production process of the eco-board is to splice the wooden squares or teeth. The production process of the multi-layer board is to lay the layers of veneer vertically and horizontally, the veneer and the veneer are spliced, seamed, or inclined. Then in the adhesive, the eco-board in accordance with national standards, is a strict size requirements, but multi-layer board in the use of veneer production, the amount of glue can be kept within a reasonable range.

Eco-board and multi-layer board can be achieved without formaldehyde added level, so environmental aspects are good, it is necessary to note that the wood itself is a part of the trace formaldehyde.


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