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Furniture ECO Board 1

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  • Release date:2020-01-14 10:29:01
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Furniture Board can be used in many industries, because high-quality furniture board has good flexibility and toughness, as well as easy to process and finish, in addition, the relevant storage information should be more understanding.

When storing the furniture board, in order to ensure the quality of the board, the two ends of the log can be coated with anti-corrosion paint to separate the wood from the air, which not only ensures the moisture, but also prevents the wood from rotting, it has good effect on preventing rot and end crack. But also to ensure that the direct sun, and regular spray water, to prevent too dry. Well-stored panels are painted to give them an edge and are more durable, and Liuzhou plywood is used in many cases for furniture decoration and construction.

Now with the improvement of the domestic per capita income level, the corresponding consumers'aesthetic pursuit is also on the rise, in the building of furniture, furniture Board factory told us to learn to select high-quality board to be able to produce good enough effect of finished furniture, in this process is there are three points we need to pay special attention to.

1. Waterproof, because these furniture board is used as ambry to make material mostly, say so in waterproof this step must pay special attention, because this moisture affects board not only strength still can affect ambry cloth moistureproof problem.

2. The internal moisture content of the board, the balanced moisture content of the wood, is advantageous to its use, because this artificial board is a kind of compressed board, its actual finished board strength will change with the change of moisture content.

3. The volume weight and thermal conductivity of the plate, there is a strength and strength-to-weight ratio of the problem. These are furniture board unique performance indicators, and its future normal use is closely related.

Furniture Board in the production process because of some wrong operation or material causes sticky mat board, board warping and other phenomena, what causes the board warping phenomenon?


1. From the point of view of the material itself, the properties of the two-layer impregnating paper used in the board are not the same as those of the other two-layer impregnating paper, which will also cause the board to warp, the suitable temperature difference between the upper and lower platens can be adjusted by using the same impregnated paper to ensure that the platens do not warp.

2. From the point of view of hot pressing, the plate warping is caused by the temperature difference between the upper and lower platens, which causes the two sides of the substrate to have different curing speed, and the plate to be bent to the side of 17 fast curing speed. Incorrect stacking method is another main reason for warping after hot pressing. The solution is to store the hot pressed Furniture Board with even and straight pad or pallet.


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