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Furniture ECO Board 2

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The production of furniture eco-board should use advanced technology and technology, so as to produce high-quality board, the following we look at its several aspects of performance.

In raw materials, generally is the use of high-quality Pine, Chinese fir as raw materials, the production of wood with the characteristics of raw wood, in line with the current people pursue the concept of natural life. But in the craft, generally uses the advanced production craft, the manufacture furniture ecology board is more excellent, no matter is the beautiful degree or the practical degree can obtain the very good manifestation, the bigger realization board's merit. There is in the excipients, the production of eco-board in Guangxi plywood manufacturers can not be separated from Glue, poor-quality Glue easy to have formaldehyde release, and high-quality high-strength Environmental Protection Resin Glue, to a greater extent, can completely reflect the environmental protection properties of the board.

And all the time, people are constantly developing high-quality materials to replace all or part of the solid wood, so that the production of furniture eco-board.

Many people choose to buy furniture eco-board, is used as furniture cabinet production materials, but we must check the quality of it, can be assured to use.

If we want to distinguish the quality of furniture eco-board, we can analyze the color of the board, even if there is adulteration, it is only the surface coating around the board, because the natural color of solid wood and ecological wood is quite different, so you can peel off the edge of the board to observe the color of the inner core board. In the toughness of the furniture eco-board, it is not easy to occur when the twisting, so its toughness is higher than solid wood. Again, the weight of the problem, ecological plate density is high, so the relative weight will be heavier.

Also smell furniture eco-board whether there is a smell, if eco-board sends out the smell of wood fragrance, that formaldehyde release less; if the smell pungent, that formaldehyde release more.

In the process of drying furniture eco-board, wood moisture evaporation is a process, we can learn more about this.

There are two physical processes of wood moisture evaporation, one is water evaporation from the wood surface to the surrounding medium, the other is water diffusion from the wood interior to the surface. However, the rate of evaporation of these two parts of water is different, when evaporating free water, the diffusion rate of water is consistent with the rate of evaporation of water, the heat perception from outside to the wood is carried away by the water that is evaporating in the great potential, so at this stage, although the moisture content of the wood decreases rapidly, the temperature of the wood itself remains basically the same, and the wood properties do not change.


Whether it is evaporation of free water, or evaporation adsorption of water, the two processes are objective, for the furniture eco-board drying quality is very important.

Even if the product quality of furniture eco-board is very good, but if you do not pay attention in the use of the process, it is possible to appear moldy phenomenon.

So what should be done about it? You can use desiccants to dry the furniture made from houses and eco-boards, and then use a wet cloth to clean up the moldy areas, and then brush the surface of a layer of paint, you can prevent the moldy spot again. In peacetime, also often open windows ventilation, after mopping windows or open air conditioning dehumidification, surface moisture and produce mold phenomenon. If it is in the cabinet that furniture ecosystem board makes inside, still can place the mothball that prevent mildew, prevent the occurrence of this kind of phenomenon.

If it is because of paint too few times or poor quality of paint and lead to mold thick core board, we can use a cloth on vaseline cleaning to remove mildew, in short, to ensure the good use of furniture eco-board.

In the process of processing furniture eco-board, the characteristics and types of materials will be applied, and in peacetime application, should pay attention to moisture-proof.

The furniture made from houses and eco-boards should be dried with a desiccant, then the moldy areas should be cleared away with a damp cloth, and then the moldy spots can be prevented by a coat of paint on the surface. Open windows frequently for ventilation, open windows after mopping the floor, or open air conditioning for dehumidification. In addition, anti-mildew mothballs can be placed in cabinets made of eco-boards. If it is because of too few times to paint or paint the quality of fruit tea and lead to mildew, you can also use a cloth coated vaseline cleaning to remove mildew. That is, from these aspects to solve the solid wood thick-core ecological board moldy problem.

Still have when processing furniture ecosystem board, if hot press craft does not appear a problem, can make thickness more even, the surface is more even, improve the appearance of the product and quality.

Furniture Ecological Board this board, of course, can be used to make furniture, if you want to use this kind of furniture, which aspects should be examined?

The strength of eco-board furniture is an important factor to consider when we choose, because the strength will affect the performance of the product to a certain extent, so must meet the standard. Then to observe the overall production process, often in the process of processing details can reflect the strength of the manufacturer, you can touch the surface of the product with your hand, check whether the smoothness and smoothness clearance. In addition to the smell of attention, harmful substances to the human body must be isolated, if there is a relatively pungent smell of gas, it shows that in the production of eco-board furniture made of poor-quality materials, can not be used.

Usually in the process of using eco-board furniture, we must ensure that indoor air ventilation, good ventilation can ensure that it will not be too humid indoor deformation.


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