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Furniture ECO Board 3

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Eco-board is widely used in daily life. The eco-board made by plywood manufacturers in Guangxi is mainly used in wardrobe and kitchen. So, what's the ECO board made of? It's a very primitive thing, literally. ECO-BOARD, beautiful surface, easy construction, ecological environmental protection, abrasion resistance and other characteristics, more and more favored by consumers and recognition. But do you know what an eco-board is? What are the pros and cons of eco-boards? Don't worry, next I am in view of the eco-board is what material this question, will explain for everybody in detail.


What's the eco-board made of

ECO-BOARD, in the industry has a variety of names, such as: paint-free Board and Melamine Board. At first it was called Melamine Plate, because of the dairy product pollution incident, later it was collectively called paint-free plate, also known as eco-plate, but too general, a lot of eco-friendly plate also called eco-plate, so easy to confuse.

Ecological Board, board core with solid wood as the base material, good moisture resistance, strong stability, and play the role of anti-fading, in the finished product, no need to paint, avoid harmful gases on the human body, give a healthy living environment of environmental protection. Advantages and disadvantages of eco-board


1, belongs to the paint-free composite material, green environmental protection, does not contain formaldehyde

2. Smooth appearance, beautiful surface, elegant color

Free of paint, non-toxic, moisture-proof, flame-retardant, non-volatile odor

4, good surface hardness, impact resistance, shockproof, curve forming


1, cutting and edge technology requirements, not easy to break, the market appeared to solve the problem of products, such as: King Coconut Edge.

2, unable to carve, difficult to complete relief type modeling, eco-board has been finishing, no need to do other processes.

3, the ecological board is uneven, the price high and low disparity, non-solid wood ecological board masquerading as high-quality Ecological Board.

How to identify an ECO board?

1. Go Green

Pay attention to environmental protection at present, from the name can know plate is very environmental protection, and Formaldehyde in a certain range, do not produce any smell, and so volatile, no formaldehyde. Good Quality eco-board, you can do 0 pollution. Check the quality inspection certificate to verify the environmental protection.

2. Flatten

Look for flatness. In a dark area, look at the long side at a 45-degree angle to see if there is any bump.

3. Color of the ECO board

In addition to the above two points, but also by color to identify quality, if the surface has bright spots, a long time, the color will be black, the surface and paint, so look at the color, can also reflect the quality of the board.

4. Check out the ECO board brand

Brand quality is good, so in the purchase, choose the appropriate eco-board, can increase quality assurance.

The advantages of ECO board as a wardrobe:

1, ecological board color variety, colorful.

2, free paint, high temperature resistance, waterproof moisture-proof, good grip nail force, low carbon, surface color or peeling.

3, do not need to paint, the surface of the natural formation of protective film, scratch resistance, acid and Alkali resistance, environmental beauty. It is widely used in: Integral Wardrobe, bathroom cabinet, TV cabinet, wine cabinet, sanitary partition, office furniture, etc. .


1. It's expensive, and it's hard for users to afford it

2, the lack of technical norms, after all, new things, from the production to perfect need a period of process;

3, use to do exterior wall board, heat preservation board to wait for an advantage to be apparent, but on the grade a bit inferior.


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