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Furniture ECO Board 4

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A lot of times, consumers will encounter such a problem: the same kind of eco-board, but in the purchase price but there is a big gap, we are not deceived? Today fuqianfu plate with you to take a look at the cost of eco-plate, you can find the answer!

The main factors affecting the cost of eco-board are as follows:

The surface of the paper, can be divided into ink paper and color of the paper, is the legendary import paper and domestic paper. Ink Paper Color Bright, more like log processing, containing triamine more difficult to fade, the price is slightly expensive, color almost the same, the price is also relatively cheap.

2. The eco-plate substrate (such as Malacca) has a domestic core and an import core. Imported core material is divided into AA surface and AB surface, each level also has the price difference. 3. In terms of production technology, the more skilled the product, the better the product and the lower the cost. If a higher level of integration, process innovation and channel optimization can be achieved, the final consumer will be able to buy cost-effective products.

To sum up, paper, substrate and production process are the main factors affecting the cost of eco-board. However, production enterprises can also use advanced production technology to reduce production costs on the basis of scale and standardization.

Choose an eco-board to tell the difference between good and bad

1. There is no smell in the process. If there is no pungent smell, fake eco-board. Because it's made from Malacca, and it's got a flavor to it. But the smell is native to the tree and has been shown to be harmless. Some eco-boards in the middle with Paulownia, Eucalyptus and other materials filled, pay attention to the distinction.

2. If the substrate is too hard to notice. It has been proved that the substrate of eco-board is easy to deform.

3. Edge seal. Many furniture factory machines edge, if there is not beautiful knot head, there is a crush phenomenon, the ecological board itself has a problem. Although Malacca is softer, there is no edge flattening. When choosing furniture, pay attention to whether the edge is flat. It's not obvious to do it on the spot.

4. There are also layers, also known as ECO boards. This kind of furniture must pay special attention, because laminates itself is easy to process, substrate is easy to choose, resulting in good and bad mixed, stand or fall as woodworking plate substrate is not easy to distinguish. It is recommended to avoid the use of.

5. Anti counterfeiting signs. There should be anti-counterfeit Password on the board and other processing measures, the relative high degree of trust.

Eco-plate in the industry there are a variety of said, commonly called paint-free plate and Melamine Plate. At first it was called Melamine Plate, but because of the contamination of Chinese dairy products, it was later forced to change its name. The industry is generally called paint-free plate, and some are called ecological plate, but ecological plate is too general, because a lot of eco-friendly plate can also be called eco-plate, so easy to confuse.

How to choose both environmental protection quality and good eco-board brand? It's not that hard. The quality of eco-board mainly lies in its substrate and processing technology.


What is a substrate?

For those who know the state of the plywood market in Liuzhou, eco-boards are the basis for processing solid logs with a layer of environmentally friendly melamine paper. Do not hear the Melamine said not good, that is to do milk to eat of course not, of course, with the board that is quite environmental protection, this is no problem.

Visible eco-plate substrate is not good, will directly affect the quality of the whole eco-plate, to choose eco-plate to choose solid wood environment-friendly substrate, in this regard, the large manufacturers do well, are using solid wood multi-layer substrate.


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