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Furniture ECO Board 5

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According to the top 10 brands of Chinese ECO-BOARD FUQIANFU small series understand: The so-called eco-board is melamine decorative paper pressure by low temperature on solid wood. (blockboard, multi-layer board) eco-board and traditional products fierce competition, seeking environmental protection concept. More than the past two years on the market flash many eco-board, the price difference is very large, Patchwork, so that consumers are difficult to choose. So how do we choose the eco-board?

I do not talk about the importance of eco-board, as the name implies, not green is eco-board.

See flatness; detection system: in The dim light 45 degrees angle long (2 m 44) side, there is a rough, see a general three-way weld and sand smooth traces of relative wear.

3. Generally speaking, if the paper is not wet or dry flower charring; if the outline of the paper has a fog or light point block, time will grow black or outline flash fade like paint, this is wet and dry flower.

4. Paper fading, relative to ink paper fade more three-dimensional sense, color and paper to poor (such as the resolution between paint and paint) detection system: with two plates stacked, interlaced in the sun for several hours, to see the following board no color difference.

Cracking and bubbling of sheet must be a quality problem without any source.

6. See if the paper is fully solidified, as if the rice is fully cooked. Can see the general situation is not resistant to infection, with the hand touch is not very cool have hair cotton induction contamination, board surface looks like a layer of fog.

Wardrobe is one of the most important furniture, almost occupied a whole wall of the bedroom, is the bedroom's beauty. Whether it is custom-made wardrobe or bought finished wardrobe, in addition to the appearance of wardrobe, we are more concerned about the material wardrobe. Today we're going to talk about what's a good material for a wardrobe.


Density board: also known as MDF, is a powder of wood fiber by high-temperature compression into a board, the surface is very smooth. Very suitable for blister board, Paint Board, etc. , also easy to shape. But poor waterproof, easy expansion deformation.

Solid Wood particleboard: particleboard is a kind of particleboard made of wood or other lignocellulosic materials, two sides of fine wood fibers, sandwiched between long lignocellulosic fibers, coated with adhesive, glue formed under the action of hot pressing artificial board. It has the characteristics of heat insulation, sound absorption and so on. It is a very popular plate nowadays.

Solid Wood multi-layer Plywood: from one millimeter around the two sides of solid wood and then bonded by hot pressure. Solid Wood multi-layer panels have good structural strength and stability.

Blockboard: also known as large core board, is made of two veneers between the glue pressure. Blockboard bearing capacity, high strength, with a solid quality, sound absorption, insulation and other characteristics.

Finger Plate: also an emerging solid wood plate, large diameter logs, handle similar to cross-linked fingers of the board. Can Be directly painted, painted, blockboard province than a process.

Ecological paint-free board: Ecological paint-free board with good stability, strong resistance to deformation, nail strong characteristics. The most important is the environmental protection level is very high, met the European e 0 Standard, the formaldehyde emission is below 0.5.

The above is now on the market more common a few kinds of materials to do wardrobe, as to which materials? One way to judge this is by the integrity of the wood, and the more intact the wood, the more environmentally friendly it is. Conversely, the more broken the wood, the lower the environmental factor.


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