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In the late autumn of 1975, the gloom of the "Cultural Revolution" was still there. In the home of a surnamed Su in a small fishing village in Danzhou, Hainan. A baby boy fell to the ground and his parents named him Su Zhuomin. This parents wish their child would be outstanding and eager to learn, which is the meaning of “Zhuo” and “Min” in Chinese. And his seven brothers and sisters born one after another. Fortunately, this poor families, tough conditions, he did not live up to his parents' eager expectations. In the early 1990s, the college entrance examination was still an era of thousands of horses crossing the wooden bridge, Su Zhuomin were admitted to East China Jiaotong University. During his school days, he had excellent academic performance and actively participated in the work of the Student Union. He served as the Minister of Organization and the Vice-Chairman of the Student Union.

 After graduating in 1998, he graduated with great achievement and was assigned to the Liuzhou Wood Preservation Factory under the Ministry of Railways. He became a civil servant official which was consider by peoples who took the iron rice bowl at that time. It seems that this insignificant black and thin man seems to have a life path. In the past few years, he has not forgotten his true self, and has no greed for pleasure. Unlike other colleagues who entered the company in the same period, he went to work in the workshop every day, seriously researching and down-to-earth. This hard work lasts ten years.  .

 In 2008, China’s reform and opening up entered its thirtieth year. He has been promoted to the position of deputy chief of the department. He made a difficult decision. Regardless of the opposition of his family and friends, he resolutely quit his stable job and took over 200,000 RMB to started his own business.

 After ten years in the wood industry, he realized the broad prospects of the wood processing industry. He used his years of accumulated social relationship and made unremitting efforts to impress the leadership of the Liuzhou Junma Wood Processing Factory. He successfully linked and leased the processing of the Junma Wood factory. About 2 acres of land in the factory, the rotary cutting single-chip processing project, and keenly grasp the rise of the Internet economy at that time, forward-looking use of the Internet for online sales, has achieved great success.  In 2010, he acquired the entire assets of Liuzhou Junma Wood Processing Factory and renamed as Liuzhou Junma Wood Industry Co., Ltd. Then Mr Su Zhuomin became legal representative and chairman. His career has entered a new high-speed development track. Junma Wood's territory continues to expand.  Several cities have successively set up Junma wood brand. Guigang Junma Wood Industry, Guigang Guizhong Wood Industry, Guigang Xinjing Wood Industry, Bobai Junma Wood Industry, Guigang Donglai Wood Industry, Chengdu Junma Wood Industry, Guizhou Dalong Junma Wood Industry... In the southwestern part of China, the flag of the Junma is inserted everywhere.

 The saturation of the domestic wood industry market around 2014, the company's development has entered a bottleneck period. He deeply felt that the crisis was coming and he was struggling to find a way to break through. As “One Belt One Road” policy went, China encouraged national enterprises to go out boldly. Mr. Su keenly turned his eyes to neighboring Vietnam, which is rich in tropical forest resources. The weather, Government policy concessions attract foreign investment, this is a geographical advantage. Vietnam is in a period of demographic dividend, and the labor force is sufficient. This is a human peace.  After some deliberation and on-the-spot investigation, Junma Wood brought the domestic excellent production management experience to Vietnam, set up a factory in Vinh Phuc Province, promoted the local economy and solved the employment problems of many local people, and was received by the local government.  Warmly welcome, the company's development has also entered a new stage, the products are exported to Japan and South Korea, Europe and the United States.