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What kind of board is used for the decoration

2019-06-27 08:24:48

Nowadays, the concept of environmental protection has gone into every field of life, especially the daily life of clothing, food, shelter and transportation, which is closely related to our life and health. Speaking of living is inseparable from the decoration, and the decoration is bound to be inseparable from the board, Guangxi Plywood Manufacturers in the end which can be called on the Environmental Protection of the board? You must know that the environmental protection of the board needs to meet the "pollution-free, zero formaldehyde" needs, and then small series will introduce some selected brands of Environmental Protection Board, as well as the standard of Environmental Protection Board for your reference.


Introduction to green sheet

Eco-friendly panels are designed and produced in full compliance with international patented technology and standards for environmental protection, with higher standards for non-formaldehyde, waterproof and fire-resistant processes, and with the function of sustainable recycling of panels, this is the traditional sense of artificial medium-density board, particleboard, high-density board, multi-layer board, anti-special plate and other essential differences.

Standard for eco-friendly sheets

According to the concept of formaldehyde emission limit, according to the environmental protection standard of our country, the formaldehyde emission limit in the board can be divided into three grades: e 2≤5.0 mg / L, e 1≤1.5 mg / L, e 0≤0.5 mg / l. In our country, the plate can reach the E2 level standard, namely E2, E1 and E0 level plate can be called the environmental protection plate, but because of the improvement of the consumer environmental protection consciousness, now many see E1 level even E0 level plate on the market. Although the standard grade of Environmental Protection Board is more, the scope of application is also wider, but because can not completely release Formaldehyde, so for this Standard Environmental Protection Board, consumers can not completely trust!



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