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Whats the Best Board for the house

2019-06-27 08:26:25

Decorate a house to can use multilayer solid wood board or FIR board is better. Multi-ply plywood solid board is made of three-ply and multi-ply veneer or thin board, pasted with wood glue under high temperature and high pressure. The structure is very stable, the flatness is also very good, the stability is quite strong, the formaldehyde is also extremely low. Chinese FIR board is also called Chinese Fir Integrated Board, is environmentally friendly products, all use high-quality wood, durable, generally do not live insects, not easy to deformation.

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There are large core board, density board fiberboard, multi-layer Solid Wood Board, Solid Wood Particle Board, FIR board, and paint-free board.


(1) large core board: also known as Blockboard, also known as plywood. Will be processed into a certain specification of wood, splicing by the splicing machine, splicing and then by cold, hot press glue pressed.

Advantages: good nail grip, high strength, with strong quality, sound absorption, insulation and other characteristics, blockboard moisture content is not high, between 10%-13% , easy processing.

DISADVANTAGES: The production process using a large number of urea-formaldehyde glue, formaldehyde emissions, environmental standards are low, relatively pungent taste. Veneer material is not the same, density is not the same size, easy to warp deformation, affect the appearance and effect of use, large core plate surface is rough, need on-site woodworking for re-processing.

(2) density board: also called FIBREBOARD, according to the different density can be divided into high density board, medium density board, low density version, the current market is mainly used in the medium density board, that is, we often say the medium density board.

Advantages: SMOOTH SURFACE, easy finishing and adhesive. All kinds of wood veneer, adhesive paper film, decorative panels, light metal sheet, melamine plate and other materials can be glued on the surface of the density plate.

DISADVANTAGES: The internal is the log of fiber, wood particles than slightly worse, hygroscopicity, water absorption, thickness expansion rate is higher. Due to the need to use a large amount of adhesive, and its powder fiber after pressing, it is difficult to release, to a certain extent, the environmental protection factor can not be guaranteed.

(3) multi-layer Solid Board: It is made of three or more layers of veneer and thin board with high temperature and high pressure. The main base material is multi-layer plywood with criss-crossing arrangement, supplemented by polymer environmental glue, high-quality solid wood veneer as surface paste, by cold-pressing, hot-pressing, sanding, curing and other processes produced.

Advantages: Vertical and Horizontal Veneer Gluing, high temperature and high pressure, stable structure, not easy to deformation, high strength, internal quality, good flatness, strong stability, reduce the use of adhesive. The production process uses the high polymer glue, reduces the formaldehyde content, the green environmental protection.

DISADVANTAGES: As a result of production costs relative to other called high, so its price relative to other plate high.

(4) Solid Wood Particle Board: A kind of wood-based board made by cutting the basic materials such as twigs, small-diameter Wood and fast-growing wood into certain size wood chips. After drying, it is mixed with formaldehyde-free adhesive, hardener, waterproof agent, etc. and pressed under high temperature and high pressure, its profile is similar to granular, so called Solid Wood Particle Board, Particle Board is the "upgrade version. ".

Advantages: uniform texture, than ordinary particleboard and powder density board nail grip, bending compression, stability are stronger, environmental performance is better than MDF. By high temperature, high pressure, sterilization treatment, so not easy to produce mold and insects, is a board-type furniture industry for good materials.

DISADVANTAGES: due to its own structure, it can not be too much change in the shape. Material reason, if the wood mill is not tidied flat, then it will come out uneven situation.

(5) Chinese FIR board: also called Chinese Fir Integrated Board, Chinese FIR Finger Joint Board. It is one of the environment-friendly decorative board for Interior decoration that the large-format thick board made of short timber through finger-tenon joint length and splicing width does not use a lot of glue and adhesion. At present more is to use fir, so commonly known as FIR board.

Advantages: All high-quality wood, glue content is only seven-tenths of woodworking board, is an environmental protection products. Durable, non-insect, deformation, flat and smooth, the production of furniture, the surface no longer need to paste the panel, Labor and materials, economical and affordable.

DISADVANTAGES: poor quality, low price of the integrated board, moisture content is not up to standard, easy to deformation, over time will crack.

(6) paint-free board: The surface has been pasted with a layer of melamine paper with wooden patterns, so that the furniture does not have to paint, more environmentally friendly health.

Advantages: natural texture, clear wood grain, product surface colorless, with off-fire self-extinguishing, washable, wear-resistant, moisture-proof, anti-acid, anti-alkali, non-stick dust, not easy to mildew black. And do not need to paint, can save the paint after the construction of manual and paint costs, shorten the construction time.

DISADVANTAGES: High Price, short life, relatively delicate, once damaged, very difficult to repair


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