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Operation and maintenance of packing plate

2019-06-27 08:24:57

Application: When cutting plywood in Guangxi, the saw blade should have more than 80 teeth. The top of the saw blade should be one centimeter higher than the outer surface of the packing plate. The number of revolution of the saw should not be less than 4000 revolutions per minute. If the packing plate is cut or drilled on the spot, special sealing paint shall be applied on the edge of the cut and drilled. When the packing board group is assembled, the horizontal packing board shall be assembled directly or the packing board shall be assembled by adding sponge winches between the packing board and the sewing board. In the packaging nails, drilling when it is necessary in the lower pad square wood, to prevent the formation of hanging on the opposite side of the packaging plate cracking. Block and seal through wall bolt hole with special seal.

When removing the mould, the packing plate should be prevented from falling in a large area.

REPAIR: After the use of packaging board, more subtle scratches, damage can be putty filling flat and then use a special repair paint seal; larger damage, holes can be nailed into wood wedge and then Putty, repair paint repair.

MAINTENANCE: After each use of the packing plate, the packing plate should be completely sanitary. The surface of the sanitary packing plate should be protected from sharp objects and damage to the Phenol formaldehyde resin film on the surface of the packing plate, if stored for a long time should be in the packaging board surface coating agent to be maintained.

Storage: In the process of transportation and storage, should prevent the packaging board caused by the sun and rain severe deformation and aging of the surface coating film. In the construction site, the packing plate should be placed on a flat level dry ground, the bottom of not less than three 10 ~ 10 cm of wooden square level support, to prevent the temperature and high local temperature.



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