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What are the requirements for timber exported to Europe and America?

2019-06-27 08:24:57

Quality Requirements:

First of all, the moisture content of Wood to control, furniture industry in general requirements of 8%-12% .

2, the use of rubber wood to prevent plate deformation, because rubber wood is easy to deformation, like multi-layer Plywood is quality requirements;

3, the fireproof panel paste must be firm, do not have the delamination, the warping edge phenomenon;

4, grinding to be in place, spray paint to be uniform, can not have flow oil, bubble, Orange Peel and other phenomena;

2. Material Requirements:

CONTRACT, invoice, packing list.

2. Certificate of origin: This certificate is issued by a foreign supplier and is available for normal export from abroad to the domestic market.

Plant inspection certificate: This certificate is issued by a foreign supplier and can be supplied as long as it is normally exported from abroad to China.

4, Code Sheet and size details: code sheet is mainly for logs, is to record the number of each imported timber, volume size; size details mainly for imported timber, record the size of imported timber, facilitate classification declaration.

Fumigation certificate: The certificate issued by Foreign Countries, please try to provide, in order to reduce the risk of re-fumigation in the domestic customs clearance port, more important for the logs.

6. A species certificate is not an endangered species certificate: The certificate needs to be processed domestically, depending on the species name of the wood being imported. Not all species have to deal with it.



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