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Composition of ecological board

2019-06-27 08:24:57

Melamine is one of the resin adhesives used to make eco-panels. Paper with different colors or textures is soaked in resin and dried to a certain degree, decorative board made by hot pressing on the surface of particleboard, medium density fibreboard or hard fibreboard. The name of the specification is melamine impregnated paper facing artificial board, the FDA says its melamine panel is actually a part of its facing composition.

General sub-surface paper, decorative paper, covering paper and the composition of the bottom paper.

1 surface layer paper, is placed on the top layer of decorative board, play the role of protecting decorative paper, so that the surface of the board after heating and pressing is highly transparent, board surface hard wear-resistant, this paper requires good water absorption, white and clean, transparent after soaking glue.

2 decorative paper, namely Wood Grain Paper, is an important part of decorative board, with or without background color, printed into a variety of patterns of decorative paper, placed on the surface of the paper under the main decorative role, this layer requires paper with good hiding power, impregnability and printability.

3 coated paper, also known as Titanium White Paper, is generally used in the manufacture of light colored decorative board, placed under the decorative paper to prevent the Phenol formaldehyde resin from penetrating the surface, its main role is to cover the surface of the substrate color spots. Therefore, good coverage is required. The above three kinds of paper are impregnated with Melamine Resin.

4 The base paper of the Guangxi Plywood factory is the base material of the decorative board, which plays the role of mechanical properties of the board and is made by drying with Phenol formaldehyde resin glue.



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