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Why choose eco-boards for custom furniture?

2019-12-10 14:33:03

With the development of modern science and technology, the manufacturing technology of eco-board has been improved and perfected, and the eco-board has been growing in the market. As eco-board has various advantages, deeply attracted the attention of consumers, began to choose to buy eco-board custom-made furniture, therefore, the sales of eco-board has been high, what are the advantages of eco-board to attract consumers? Next, see what the charm of eco-board can be consumers like it!

Save Time and labor, now the veneer used in home decoration is pasted on the woodworking board, it needs to be painted on the surface. This not only increases the cost, but also is not environmentally friendly. After decoration, it needs to be ventilated for a long time before you can move in, and paint-free eco-board furniture and decoration can be installed live, not only to save costs, but also greatly shorten the occupancy time.


ECO-BOARD E0 environmental standards more assured consumers, most of the furniture used in the MDF, particleboard many can only meet E1 or even E2 standards, and some even can not meet the environmental requirements, this is incompatible with the current demands of the whole society for environmental protection. The recent revision of the relevant National Standard directly removes the E2 standard, and also illustrates the strict requirements for environmental protection standards.

As the Chinese people are very like solid wood furniture, and particleboard, MDF are recycled materials, made of furniture is not suitable for customers to choose. The use of paint-free eco-board made of furniture with personality, in line with market trends, but also to meet the consumer's taste of the pursuit.


With the technology upgrading and product updating, the surface of eco-board has been treated with high temperature resistance, scratch resistance and corrosion resistance, so that the color of the surface can not fade, and the wear resistance is higher than that of ordinary board.

Because the structure of eco-board is very simple, so when used to process into furniture, this board will not consume too much time and manpower. In the whole processing process, it has the advantages of saving decoration cost and labor cost. Because of this, its annual sales will continue to rise, the so-called broad prospects.


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