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The difference between furniture eco-board and moisture-proof board

2019-09-29 11:53:08

Although furniture ecosystem board and Moistureproof Board are very popular board, but the distinction still should make clear to them, lest when choosing to be mixed up.

Furniture eco-board quality stability, and with wear-resistant, scratch-resistant layer, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, flame retardant and other superior physical properties, made into furniture, cabinets, beautiful and generous, waterproof, moisture-proof, easy maintenance, and no paint, it not only saves construction time, but also avoids secondary chemical pollution, so it is very environmental protection. And in terms of the performance of the moisture-proof board, the moisture-proof and water-proof effect is good. Even if it is placed in water, it can guarantee 10 hours of non-deformation and non-bending. Moreover, its anti-deformation ability is strong. Its material is particleboard, the physical properties of particleboard are relatively stable, and its anti-deformation ability is strong. Also, the moisture-proof board will add moisture-proof particles inside the board. The number of moisture-proof particles is generally calculated, but the problem to be noted is that some manufacturers will add moisture-proof particles in excess in order to make the board more waterproof, its ability to resist deformation will also be affected.

Moistureproof Board Interior moistureproof grain is to have color commonly, on the market exists a lot is to add pigment in board, imitate regular moistureproof board board, when buying, still want to distinguish carefully board interior add material is what after all.

In the multi-layer Plywood multi-layer eco-board manufacturers choose the board, pay attention to the appearance, to see whether there is damage to the corner, whether there is stratification, bulges, carbonization and other phenomena, as well as whether there is a soft part.

Also check whether the multi-layer eco-board color difference, good quality eco-board, will not appear black spots, dirt and other phenomena, will not fade. It is to see whether there are wet and dry flowers on the surface, such as bright spots on the surface or like carbonization, such as urine spots of children. These are wet and dry flowers. This means that the processing technology of the board is not very good, and the cross section should have a wooden feel, wood that does not have a wooden feel may not be in place, but the roughness is based on the quality of the machine blade, the sharp blade cut out of the product is smooth, if you don't have a sharp blade, you don't have a product.


Another is to check the multi-layer eco-board logo, the regular manufacturer of the board, surface or side will have the name of the company, can be carefully observed

Furniture eco-board is widely used in decorative materials and furniture production, but the quality of the board on the market is uneven, which requires us to master the identification method when buying.

It can be seen from the Cross section of the ecological board that there are usually seven layers, each layer is glued together by glue, if the processing technology is not in place, or the quality of the glue used is poor, there may be delamination. Then see whether the decorative paper and wood bonding, plate cracking and bubbling is caused by gluing strength and substrate, there must be quality problems. Then to check whether there is a gap head, the inner layer is hollow, saw open before the internal quality of the plate can not be seen, but from the quality of the plate head can also reflect the quality of a plate.

If you look at the whole board, the surface should be flat, in the dim light 45 degrees angle to see the ecological board on the long side, whether uneven, to see the surface of the three seams and sanding is obvious, if there is, that quality is not good.

Multi-layer eco-plate manufacturers in the application of the board decoration, there is a very good performance is sound absorption, so we come to understand this knowledge.

Eco-board, especially as interior decoration material, has good sound absorption, can reduce indoor noise and hybrid echo, make people feel elegant working and living environment, help to improve the quality of life and work. Sound absorption is closely related to its density. The lower the density of the plate, the greater the porosity of the plate. The propagation of sound waves in the air of these pores is blocked and the friction generates heat. The more sound energy consumed, the more sound energy absorbed, therefore, the sound absorption effect of low density board is good. The sound absorption of eco-board is related to the thickness of the board. The thicker the board, the better the sound absorption. The sound absorption effect of eco-board is also directly related to the roughness of board surface and the size of surface holes. The rougher the board surface, the better the sound absorption effect.

Drilling Holes in the surface of the board can significantly improve the sound absorption capacity of the eco-board, the use of surface drilling or milling groove of the soft eco-board, as a meeting room and entertainment place walls are very good.


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