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Furniture ECO Board 8

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ECO-BOARD, in industry there are a variety of names, the commonly used name is paint-free board and Melamine Board. The original name is melamine plate, but because of China's dairy contamination incident, and was forced to change the name, the industry collectively known as no paint plate, also known as eco-plate, but eco-plate is too general. ECO-BOARD, divided into narrow and broad two concepts.

1, roughly equivalent to melamine particleboard eco-board, its full name is melamine veneer plywood, melamine impregnated paper is different colors or texture of paper soaked in eco-board Resin adhesive, after a certain degree of curing and drying, there are particleboard, moisture-proof board, MDF, plywood, blockboard and so on. Surface or other cardboard, by hot pressing and decorative plates.

2. Narrow sense ecological board only refers to the middle as the substrate of multi-layer solid wood (plywood) , joinery board (such as Malacca, fir, Paulownia, poplar, etc.) Melamine Decorative Board. Mainly used in furniture, cabinets, cabinets, bathrooms and other fields.

Common Melamine Veneer panel has long been produced in China, initially used to do computer desk and other office furniture, mostly monochrome, including the familiar "double white" "double gray. With the popularity of panel furniture in the family, melamine veneer has gradually become the manufacturing material of furniture factories, and its surface color and decorative patterns are relatively more. The plank type furniture on the market adopts two kinds of wood plank of import and home-made. Not all boards can be called eco-board "ecological" environmental protection less than E1E0 board can not be called eco-board.

Select Plate comparison through environmental protection, stability, Nail Grip, plate to compare the four aspects:

Environmental protection: Traditional Particleboard and density board and other wood-based panels in the production process using formaldehyde adhesive, the final product will inevitably release formaldehyde. The Malacca core blockboard, because the Malacca core releases a pungent, foul-smelling odor that torments your home. Cis-core board using natural Canadian poplar, by PMDI hot-pressing, formaldehyde-free adhesive and solid wood board as environmentally friendly.

Stability: Traditional Particleboard, density board moisture difference, moisture expansion after easy deformation. Malacca core blockboard internal core material is soft, in the air humidity change big environment deformation, unstable. CIS-CORE Board, is dozens of layers of solid wood chips according to the structure of criss-cross laminated, solid wood chips from each other, after Pmdi formaldehyde-free glue combined process, in humid rainy days is not easy to moisture expansion, in the dry air-conditioned room, heating room is not easy to shrink cracking.

HOLD NAILS: Traditional Particleboard, density board and other shuttle quality heavy, not easy to bite nails, nail holding force is low, easy to loose screws, can not be recycled. Malacca Core Wood joinery board because the wood is soft, wear resistance is poor, nail grip force is poor, when two pieces of wood heat contraction will produce gap, in the gap source nail, no nail grip force. Natural or natural wood, as a result of crisscross, overlapping layers, mutual constraints, nail grip force is far better than density board. In addition, there is no internal clearance and voids, resulting in a uniform seal. The center and edges have the mismatched processability of Malacca blockboard, particleboard and density board.

Bearing board: Traditional Particleboard and density board change the properties of wood, although it solves the internal stress of wood, flatness is good, but the bearing capacity is poor, and the board itself is very heavy, the quality of furniture is very heavy. The Malacca core blockboard is a horizontal splice of inner solid wood, so the Longitudinal Bending and compression strength is poor, and it is not suitable as a load-bearing material because of the poor quality and impact resistance of the wood. As one of the most stable and strong wood materials, the cross-laminated structure of dozens of layers of solid wood with small expansion coefficient and high strength can be obtained without changing the natural properties of wood.

Decoration will use a lot of wood, such as solid wood veneer, multi-ply plywood, wood-based panels... different composition, performance is not the same. How to choose high-grade Wood? How to distinguish the excellent or not of the board performance when choosing and purchasing the board? Here are 7 steps you can take to learn how to spot talent!


First, recognize the difference between man-made Veneer and Natural Veneer: the former has straight texture and regular texture, while the latter is natural wood decorative pattern with natural texture and great variability.

2. Appearance. Wood should have a better sense of beauty, material should be fine uniform, clear color and Lustre, beautiful wood grain, matching board and Mosaic Texture should be arranged according to a certain law, wood color close.

No obvious defects on the surface. The surface of the board with good material is smooth, clean, without Burr, Chisel Mark, without glue penetration and surface pollution, without crack and crack on the surface, and the whole board has small natural warping, which avoids the phenomenon that the base material penetrates the sand due to improper operation of sanding process.

The structure of the rubber layer is stable and there is no adhesive phenomenon. It should be noted that no bulges or delaminations should occur between the surface veneer and the substrate and between the layers within the substrate.

Five, to choose low formaldehyde emission plate. Decorative panels with a pungent odor should be avoided. Because the bigger the odor, the higher the formaldehyde emission, the more serious the pollution, the greater the harm.

VI. Selection of the products of a particular manufacturing enterprise. Choose products with a clear name, address, and trademark.

Seven, for the role of the three-dimensional decorative panel, the panel with nails gently draw out the panel, will leave obvious marks, high-grade decorative panel role will not.


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