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Furniture ECO Board 7

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Liuzhou Plywood in the General Market for family-oriented panel furniture to MDF and particleboard as the base material, that is, only the common melamine played a role in the panel. In contrast, blockboard eco-substrate, with multi-layer solid wood or blockboard as the substrate, the relative performance to be better.

Multi-layer solid wood first look at the number of layers and layer feeling, good layer feeling, no hollow drum, overlap, smooth surface, no loose phenomenon. Blockboard also depends on the number of layers, followed by the quality of the block, a good blockboard base timber uniform, no bark, no arc-shaped edge, no large hollow, smooth surface, no bulge. Most enterprises use eco-board made of density board, there are some brands of eco-board is the use of multi-layer solid wood or blockboard such eco-board, in this regard much better performance. Because the eco-board relatively speaking, substrate surface smoothness requirements are higher, so the overall effect of solid wood multi-layer slightly higher than blockboard, individuals in the use can be selected according to needs.

Plate is usually refers to make it into the standard size of the building materials plate, referred to as plate. Also by the log Longitudinal Sawn into the plank and the square lumber general name. Width for more than 2 times the thickness of the said plate, width is less than three times the thickness of the rectangular timber said square. There are generally blockboard, integrated board, Bamboo Board, density board, Decorative Board, thin core board, finger-joint board, Melamine Board, particleboard and other board.

Joinery board: Moisture proof effect is good, can not brush lacquer directly

The center of the blockboard is a core made of natural strips of wood. The two sides are glued on a thin veneer. It is one of the most important materials in decoration. Can make furniture and cloth bag door and door cover, warm air cover, curtain box and so on, its waterproof performance is good.

When selected, see its internal wood, should not fold, wood cracks should be in the side length of about 3mm joinery board. As a result of the surface of the wood grain is not beautiful, very few direct paint, generally paste three layers. Its production of furniture and other wood products should go through the use of plastic and paint two processes, the cost is higher.

Integrated Board: Not Easy to deform

This is an emerging solid wood material, made from high-end entry logs of large diameter, with criss-cross boards connected like fingers. Due to the different process, the environmental performance of this board is superior, is blockboard allowed to contain Formaldehyde 1 / 8. On the other hand, this by the United States spruce and other solid wood production of the board can be directly painted, paint, joinery board to save a process.

Medium Density Board: Better Grip than particleboard

Particle Board is the main material of natural wood cabinet after grinding into granular by pressing board. Medium density board is a powder sawdust compression molding, good flatness, but poor moisture resistance. In contrast, the nail grip of density board is better than particleboard.

Veneer three-splint: convenient and cheap

Multi-layer Plywood, also known as plywood and plywood, the number of layers called different, it depends on the quality of raw materials. Home Decoration is mainly used in the veneer plywood, that is, in the factory has been very thin solid wood veneer affixed to the three plywood. Facing three plywood easy to use, the price is also cheap.

For its environment, a kind of plate, also known as "Melamine Plate" , is used for multi-layer solid wood, plywood, blockboard (such as Malacca, Chinese fir, Paulownia, poplar, etc.) in the middle of the substrate, its color or texture is different, melamine paper soaked in resin, dried to a certain degree of curing, its paving in particleboard, large core board surface, by hot-pressed into the decorative board. Mainly used in the fields of furniture, cabinet, wardrobe, bathroom cabinet and so on.


ECO-BOARD ADVANTAGES: eco-board both surface coating, and a core material stability and environmental protection, excellent overall health, not only save money, but also can save energy, personality and fashion, become the king of Furniture Board.

1. Beautiful surface -- a stylish texture and color

Choose high-quality environmental protection decorative paper, texture clear and natural, fresh and full color, scratch-resistant, not only has excellent anti-uv aging ability, but also more than 100 styles and personalized customization to meet your unique fashion pricing, from now on, follow your heart.

Easy to use —— No lacquer finish

Choose high-quality Green Environmental Protection substrate, excellent performance, strong nail fixation, load-bearing performance, can also be self-designed style, edge assembly, convenient and quick, random demolition.

3. Protection of ecological environment —— Quality of green environmental protection substrate is good

Using high-quality blockboard environmental protection base material, excellent performance, strong nail fixation, production of better quality furniture. At the same time, its ultra-low formaldehyde emissions, products fully meet the national e 0 Environmental Protection Standards. The exquisite eco-furniture board made of artisan materials meets the world's most stringent F4 star standard (0.3 mg / l) in Japan. It is a genuine original eco-board product and also protects the health of your family.

4. Cost effective -- like a bargain

Eco-home board with excellent quality and ultra-low construction costs for your perfect home life to bring unlimited possibilities to create a happy "eco-home" !


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