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Furniture ECO Board 6

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What advantage does solid Wood paint-free eco-board have in home decoration

1, the solid Wood paint-free eco-board environmental paint-free, easy to use

Solid Wood eco-board is a kind of board made by pressing single board on the substrate. The veneer can not only play a decorative role, but also protect the interior of the board from external erosion, change the paint position, so as to avoid the use of paint board does not need to paint, very respectful and save trouble. On the other hand, also for indoor air purification to provide some help to avoid the phenomenon of paint pollution, which is a profound reflection of the concept of environmental protection.

2, the solid Wood non-lacquer Ecological Board appearance is beautiful, the variety is rich

Environmental-friendly paint-free paperboard film paper Veneer, paper as raw material, by soaking dry two-step production. The paper is printed with a variety of textures, rather than plain white paper, usually imitating the lines of a tree. There are many popular species of trees in the world, Avoid Lacquer Board natural shape design type is also very rich, color and texture different, show different charm, can meet the custom home in different style design.

3, Solid Wood paint-free eco-board structure is stable, easy to process

Solid Wood non-lacquer eco-board using hard fiberboard as the base material, general structural stability is very good, not easy to deformation. Use This paint-free board to customize your home to ensure a longer life. In addition, paint-free board is different from solid wood, is a more lightweight texture, very good processing of the board, in the shape design, there is not too much limitation, and full of personalized furniture modeling, custom furniture is an indispensable part.

With the increasing popularity of the concept of environmental protection, people are more and more like to use solid wood flooring. And now on the market really have a variety of materials made of solid wood flooring has become, but different materials of solid wood flooring has different effects, its scope of application is also different. So in this case, a lot of people are want to know what kind of environment and circumstances can let solid wood floor play a better role it.

The first thing we need to understand is the fact that different natural environments, the choice of different wood flooring is the most basic common sense. Precisely because of such a reason, so now can not simply say which kind of solid wood floor quality is better.

Because for the wet north, some kind of real wood floor may be suitable and durable, but for the north, that's not the case. Because of different weather conditions, in fact, the standard selection is different.

As the saying goes: "South afraid of arch, north afraid of smoke" , north and south area is different, the effect of wood floor is very big. China's vast territory, north-south climate change larger. In general, the region south of the Yellow River is humid, while the northern and North-Western Territory regions are dry. After the floor is paved, if the moisture content is not controlled well, the south will arch, the floor will bulge; the North because the climate is dry, the wood floor will draw, the size becomes smaller, the assembly from the seam.

Because the south and North area is different, environmental humidity is also different, this also is wood floor appears"arch""one of the reasons that pull". When paving wooden floor, press area humidity to produce, wet rise and dry shrink bigger, some kinds of material such as dish bean, sweet Longan, Hematoxylin easy arch. In view of the difference between North and south, when choosing wood board, on the one hand, wood floor should be consistent with local moisture content, on the other hand, according to the installation experience, the rainy season pavement is more important, dry air festival to pavement loose.

One of the key points is that we must do a good job in the maintenance of the day-to-day, the southern areas to open windows ventilation, pay attention to dehumidification; the northern areas are dry, to the appropriate humidification.

Solid Wood: as the name suggests, solid wood board is made of wood. These boards are strong and durable, with natural lines, and are a good choice. However, due to the high cost of this plate, and high construction technology requirements, in the use of few. Solid panels are generally classified by their entity names and do not have the same measurement specifications. At present, in addition to the floor and door can be used outside the solid plate, we commonly used wood is artificial processing out of wood-based panels.


Plywood: Plywood, also known as plywood, commonly known as thin core board. It consists of three or more layers of a millimeter thick veneer or thin plate hot-pressed adhesive. It is by far the most commonly used material for handmade furniture. There are usually six types of plywood: 3% , 5% , 9% , 12% , 15% and 18% . Paneling, commonly known as decorative panel. Solid Wood precision planing into thin veneer thickness of about 0.2 mm, to plywood as the base material, through the bonding process made of one-sided effect of the board. This plywood exists in a special way, with a thickness of 3 cm.

Board products: Ecological Board, Children's room dedicated board, even core Cedar Ecological Board, Solid Wood thick core ecological board, blockboard, decorative board, multi-layer plywood, plywood, calcium silicate board, finger joint board, along the core board, Gypsum Board and other products.

Hardware products: ecological nail series, hydraulic hinge, mute track, Mute door lock, hanger, suction, mute hinge, handle and other series.

Decorative panel products: White Cherry, White Pine, Brazilian acid branch, Baguette, imitation natural acid branch, yellow acid branch, red acid branch, white wax, Red Sandalwood, Red Sandalwood, Red Oak, White Oak, Ebony, red shadow, iron wood and various tree garnet more than 100 varieties.

ECO-BOARD AND CORE MATERIALS: Malacca eco-board, Chinese Fir eco-board, Paulownia eco-board, poplar eco-board, multi-layer eco-board, solid thick core eco-board, golden fir eco-board


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