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Eco-board industry has thoroughly entered the era of eating small

2019-06-27 08:26:25

With the demand of wood-based panel industry and the upgrading of Traditional Plywood, multilayer board and blockboard in Liuzhou, Melamine eco-board, a new upgrading product, has gradually occupied the market of wood-based panel and achieved the coverage of the whole market. The traditional wood leather paint has basically disappeared in the field of home decoration. The new product eco-board has brought benefits to the home decoration market because of its novel and varied product designs. It can be customized according to customers'aesthetic needs, and the decoration time can be shortened by two-thirds, it's as simple as it gets.


The reasons for the decrease of net profit of products in the next five years

Since 2012, the new product eco-board strong into the home decoration market, so far has been 7 years. With the increasing market share, the transformation and upgrading of wood-based panel factories has been carried out, and the eco-panel factories have been blossoming all over the country, forming the industry chain of eco-panel factories, and indirectly resulting in the excess capacity of eco-panel.

From 2012 to 2015 eco-board factory net profit 20% , to 2016 after the product net profit 5% , the entire eco-board factory net profit fell for a full year, the era of eco-board profiteering is completely over. The main reasons for the decrease of net profit of eco-board products are vicious competition of ex-factory price, excess capacity, rising of raw material price and increasing of labor cost.

The rise and development of house-to-house customization in the next five years

With the development of economic times, the improvement of people's living standard, the improvement of material life taste and brand awareness, the traditional furniture can not meet the development needs of the Times.

The rise of house-to-house customization is silent. The benefits of house-to-house customization can meet different individual needs. Furniture is designed according to individual requirements. The consumer is one of the designers of furniture. house-to-house customization emphasizes personalization and functionality, consumers can use their imagination for creative design.

Now house-to-house customization is no longer a high-end crowd-specific products, has entered the civilian, the next five years will replace traditional furniture.

Now the whole house custom-made factory and eco-board factory are basically produced separately, but in the next five years the eco-board products produced by the eco-board factory will no longer be terminal products, but must be in accordance with customer requirements, cUSTOM-MADE HOUSE-TO-HOUSE CUSTOM furniture is the final product. Because this trend will reduce many intermediate links, logistics costs, management fees, fixed costs, and so on, improve the net profit of the factory, to provide consumers with a total one-stop service.

III. The end of small and medium-sized factories in the next five years

Now eco-board factory has entered the white-hot era, industry first-class factory brand, second-class factory quality, cost, third-class roadside workshop factory to lose market competitiveness, gradually withdraw from the eco-board field.

In 2018, tens of thousands of roadside workshops and small factories were shut down in cities across several major industrial chains as the country stepped up efforts to protect the environment. Eco-board industry has thoroughly entered the era of eating small, before the family management model of small and medium-sized factories, the advantages are: low management cost, low labor costs, low plant fixed costs, few managers and few logistics personnel, almost no, many small and medium-sized factories are part-time, business owners and plant director, finance, sales, plant director and Workshop Director, mechanical repair, forklift drivers.

With the development of eco-board industry, the improvement of factory automation, the original simple and cheap production equipment to be eliminated. Automation Machinery Productivity Efficiency Improvement, fewer personnel, product quality stability benefits to meet the current eco-plate plant development needs. In the age of mechanical automation innovation, Small and medium-sized factory management costs, labor costs, fixed costs, and so on, has no advantage. Large enterprises can inject funds, update automation equipment, improve production capacity, reduce personnel, improve product quality. High Salary Employment of professional management team, for all-round management of modern enterprises.

Due to the lack of funds, the family management mode is deeply rooted in the small and medium-sized factories, the existing equipment is difficult to get rid of the old and update, the factory environment facilities are difficult to improve, unable to attract professional management team, it is difficult to meet the development needs of enterprises in the digital age. The Enterprise has no enterprise culture, no talent training promotion mechanism, no enterprise vision, no enterprise development direction. Lead to the enterprise staff no sense of belonging, no confidence, no fighting spirit, no ideal, no cohesion. A series of events led to the demise of the small and medium enterprises.

The sharp change of factory and professional manager in the next five years

It was 30 years ago, 30 years ago, now the digital age is three years ago, even three months ago.

A business may be due to poor management, the form of the market misjudgment, three months in a blink of an eye. Most business owners don't realize the importance of Internet data to the survival of a business. Many factories are half a year or until the end of the year, the Accounting Department calculates the factory overhead, break-even point, and net interest rate data. In the era of eco-board profiteering, it is easy to be ignored by business owners, because no matter how much the factory production waste, by the end of the year is profitable. But now eco-board has thoroughly entered the era of cost, the traditional factory management model, management concept will accelerate the demise of the factory.

The trend in the digital age of factories now requires the Accounting Department to calculate the cost of the factory every month, even every day. In order to facilitate the timely detection of problems, solve problems, eliminate waste and abnormal costs can be reflected. Before the corporate culture, image, environment, basically is not valued. With the standardization of industry, the protection of Environment, and the promotion of consumers'awareness of brand, corporate image environment will be an important part of enterprises.

The sharp change of modern factory must be: standardization, data, systematization. Standardized Production Workshop Workshop Workshop Workshop, Automated Mechanical Equipment Assembly Line, site 5s management, clean and tidy, military management concept. Data production report, consumption report, non-performing goods report, inventory report. Systematic training, fire safety, job responsibilities, safety operation procedures, product quality requirements, staff awareness, team awareness, pre-class meeting, weekly, monthly summary Meeting and a series of training. The establishment of corporate culture, so that employees have a sense of belonging, so that the enterprise has a mission, a soul, have vitality, fighting force, cohesion.

With the development of the factory in the digital age, a kind of professional title is born: Professional Manager, enterprise boss must understand, professional things, must call professional people to do, can do professional things. Traditional Wood Industry Director (master) will be replaced by professional managers, professional management team.

5. The next five years will see a dramatic change in entrepreneurs and business people

An entrepreneur's goal is to get something done, and profit is merely an outcome. In the general sense of a businessman, profit is his goal and everything else is merely a means. Entrepreneurs with a sense of mission to complete a certain social value, achieve more people, so that enterprises in society can continue.

For businessmen, it doesn't matter whether they make shoes or pants, as long as they make money, and shoes are made to make more money. Entrepreneurs and businessmen have in common: The main is profit, a profit-free entrepreneurs are not qualified, because there is no profit, to do things can not be talked about, the values of entrepreneurs can not reflect. And the businessman can not make a profit is to be able to close business enterprise directly, choose to invest other project.

In the next five years, more businessmen will become entrepreneurs in eco-board industry, because the era of profiteering has been lost, businessmen can not become entrepreneurs will be eliminated by eco-board industry.

Summary of the development of wood-based panels in the next five years

In the next five years, eco-board factory will enter a one-stop service, from consumers to order, design, production furniture will be completed in the factory.

Traditional carpenters will face unemployment, and with it the birth of a new class of skilled factory workers. Traditional Wood Industry Director (master) will be replaced by professional managers, professional management team.

Traditional businessmen will become entrepreneurs in the new era, those who can not be transformed will be eliminated by the wood-based panel industry in the digital era.

The next five years will see the completion of the small and medium enterprises, and the end of the small and medium enterprises without it.


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