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Performance knowledge of various aspects of the eco-board

2019-09-29 12:00:28

Now for home decoration requirements continue to improve, and Liuzhou Plywood multi-layer eco-board manufacturers of board quality, quality is very reliable, let's see how it works:

Multi-layer eco-board is not the use of paint and other substances, paint-free environment-friendly building materials, is a healthy, green choice. Reasonable design and use of multi-layer eco-board, can have a good decorative effect. The multi-layer eco-board has various styles and rich colors. It can be used to make wardrobe, shoe cabinet or decorative shelf on the wall. As long as the space is properly used and the decorative style is well designed, the eco-board can decorate the whole effect of high-grade and atmosphere. It also has high strength and water resistance, strong impact resistance, cracking and other characteristics, no maintenance and maintenance, pollution-free, pollution-free, and has the characteristics of sound absorption and energy-saving, so the use of a wide range is also recognized by users.

It should be noted that the heavier the quality of the multi-layer eco-board, the better, this is not correct, it is not the same as solid wood, not the heavier the stronger, generally choose eco-board is mainly based on the drying degree and splicing quality, dry eco-board, the quality is very light, and level off smooth.


Multi-layer eco-board manufacturers of board performance is very good, not only can be environmentally friendly, and the surface is very smooth, wood is more uniform.

So how should it be maintained? When placing the multi-layer eco-board, pay attention to the surrounding environment must be dry, avoid contact with acid and alkali liquid, prevent the eco-board from decay, you can place desiccant or dehumidifying rods in the storage space, effectively prevent its deformation and mildew due to moisture. Also want to keep multilayer zoology board surface clean and tidy, can use professional woodiness furniture cleaner, the contaminant that removes the surface effectively. Then is to wax maintenance, is also very effective.

In addition, but also for moisture treatment, do not put the board close to the wall, and to maintain the indoor dryness can not be too moist, so that the help of the board is good.

Now there are a lot of multi-layer eco-plate manufacturers, so for the market on the plate will be carefully selected, pay attention to the surface plate surface is bright, smooth.

The surface of the ecological board of good quality has no problems such as foaming, depression, deformation, defects, carbonization, etc. . The edges of the board are handled closely, and there is no large gap. Moreover, the quality of the good board is qualified. After leaving the factory, the surface of the board is pasted with anti-counterfeit trademarks, the plate edge all has the code mark as well as the inspection qualified seal. Can Smell eco-plate smell, only a slight smell of logs, you can be assured to buy; and poor plate will smell the pungent smell, it is because of the release of excessive formaldehyde. Also want to inquire about the formaldehyde emission level of business ecological board, and ask to show the inspection report.

Can also be used to touch the surface of the plate, smooth texture, no uneven; press the plate, test the density of the plate, good ecological plate density has strict standards, even pressing will not be easy to bend.

Multi-layer eco-plate manufacturers of course is crucial, will be directly related to the quality of the plate, so must be careful.

Should be made of superior materials, often can be used to make furniture, with a good waterproof, moisture-proof and wear-resistant, scratch-resistant performance, the service life is longer, compared with other plates, cost-effective. Typically, 50% plastic and 50% wood fiber are ideally blended to obtain the average degree of bending of the fiber and the Plastic Matrix; to increase its bending strength, lubricants are used, the HDPE composites filled with 61%-63% pine wood flour need to be at the high level of the moving capital, and the manufacturing conditions should be strictly controlled according to the optimized process.

It should be noted that the density of the board is closely related to sound absorption. The lower the density of the board, the greater the porosity of the board. The propagation of sound waves in the air of these pores is blocked and the friction generates heat. The more sound energy is consumed, the more sound energy is absorbed, therefore, the sound absorption effect of low density board is good.


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