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In what way can the deformation of multi-layer eco-board be avoided?

2019-09-29 13:39:02

Multilayer Ecosystem Board is in use in the process, can be stained with a few besmirch unavoidably wait, so how should clean? The following multi-layer eco-board manufacturers to introduce us:

Need to properly handle the multi-layer eco-board stains, if there is a pencil mark, use methanol alcohol wipe on it. If it is a stick lipstick, ink and other difficult to deal with dirt, you can use a small amount of alcohol and detergent together, gently wipe the plate, remember to wipe after, to timely ventilation dry. High Utilization Rate can be achieved only by proper use and storage, so it is very important to learn how to use and maintain the multi-layer eco-board.

High-quality Multi-layer Eco-board will have good machinability, nail grip and impact resistance, according to different engineering design and technology requirements of arbitrary cutting, changing shape.

In the daily use of multi-layer eco-plate, it is necessary to maintain the regular, so as to extend its service life, the following multi-layer eco-plate manufacturers to introduce us:

Need to keep the storage room dry, avoid contact with acid and alkali liquid, prevent the wardrobe is decomposed, put in the wardrobe dehumidifying stick or desiccant, can effectively prevent the wardrobe damp deformation mold. Also want to keep the clean and tidy of the wardrobe surface, regular cleaning of the wardrobe surface, the interior, to remove the contamination of the wardrobe surface. For Waxing maintenance can be carried out selectively, is not particularly necessary, but before waxing to keep the surface of the wardrobe clean, use professional furniture Polish wax, wait for natural air-dry after the clothes into.


If it is made of multi-layer eco-board Wardrobe, do not move, in fact custom-made whole wardrobe generally will not have a tight combination with the wall, wall and cabinet between the use of close plate connection.

Different plates are different in all aspects of products, and in the process of multi-layer eco-board manufacturer in Guangxi Plywood factory, the medium plate materials used are different.

The first is to use three splints as the medium plate. The processing procedure of this kind of ecological plate is to first laminate the medium plate with the decorative surface, and then press it with the solid wood core. This processing technique can effectively avoid the appearance of carbonization points on the surface of the plate, the utility model ensures the aesthetic degree and practicability of the plate. Secondly, MDF is used as MDF. Although MDF can effectively reduce the carbonization rate due to its flat characteristics, MDF has poor environmental protection, is prone to moisture expansion and deformation, and the paint-free surface layer is easy to open, therefore, the durability of this kind of ecological board is relatively poor. Again is pure solid wood eco-paint-free plate, its medium plate is solid wood layer, the process is the first plate and core pressure, and then with the decorative surface lamination, this process to ensure the zero carbonization of the board.

If we use multi-layer eco-board to make furniture, you can not paint, saving paint costs, but also to avoid formaldehyde pollution, the advantage is obvious.

Multi-layer eco-board is mainly composed of substrate and decorative paper, with excellent performance characteristics, we should check the quality of multi-layer eco-board manufacturers, in the use of it should also pay attention to the deformation.

In the process of making multi-layer eco-boards, manufacturers have to use a certain amount of glue. If the quality of the glue is not good, it may lead to the deformation of the boards. This requires manufacturers to choose high-quality materials, and to improve the processing level, so as to ensure good quality, to avoid deformation. There are also some external factors that will cause the deformation of the board, that is, the environmental humidity factor, when it is damp, it is easy to deform, which requires people to pay attention to its storage environment, to be placed in a dry, ventilated environment, avoid Dampness.

Especially in the summer, the air humidity is very large, it is easy to cause multi-layer eco-board moisture, so not only to pay attention to the storage environment, but also pay attention to his packaging, this can also prevent moisture.

Multi-layer eco-plate manufacturers of high-quality plate, its own will have wear-resistant, clean characteristics, very suitable for the production of furniture and decoration use, but we also pay attention to some skills when buying.

When you buy a multi-layer eco-board, you should pay attention to the surface color lines, of course, in addition to taking into account the color and texture of qualified, but also from whether there are spots, scratches, indentation, pores, color luster is uniform, whether there is bubbling phenomenon, whether there is no local paper tearing, to distinguish between good and bad quality. There is, generally good quality multi-layer eco-board, surface hardness is very good, because it does not need to paint, the surface naturally formed protective film, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, acid-resistant, scalding-resistant, pollution-resistant.

If the multilayer eco-board is cracked or damaged, a wet cloth can be placed on the damaged part of the board and a hot iron placed on the wet cloth, forcing moisture into the veneer, making it more flexible and less brittle.


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