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The third Guangzhou formwork scaffolding industry event, not to be missed

2019-06-27 08:26:25

In recent years, with the continuous development of China's construction industry, the construction formwork and scaffolding industry has been provided with development opportunities, the formwork and scaffolding technology of plywood manufacturers in Guangxi has also developed rapidly and achieved considerable economic and social benefits. At the same time, the number of formwork scaffolding industry, production is increasing, varieties, specifications are improving, design and construction is also improving, and in the construction of the role played more and more.

In order to respond to the market demand, promote the healthy and orderly development of the construction industry, solve the problems existing in the current formwork scaffolding industry, actively develop and vigorously promote the application of new formwork scaffolding technology, to improve the quality of formwork scaffolding products and construction safety, the third Guangzhou International Exhibition on construction technology and equipment of formwork scaffolding will be held in zone C of the Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center from September 10 to 12,2019. The exhibition is sponsored by China formwork and Scaffolding Association and undertaken by Guangzhou Bozhan Exhibition Co. , Ltd. . Compared with previous years, the exhibition scale will be expanded again, year-on-year growth of more than 50% , the number of buyers will also hit a new high.


The highlight of this exhibition, Wonderful Infinite, "timing, location, and" to create a well-known event in the industry.

First, Guangdong's superior location advantage will promote the rapid development of the industry and provide fertile soil for the exhibition industry as a benchmark

Guangdong is located in the central region of the pan-pearl River Delta, depending on South China, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, radiating Southeast Asia. Guangdong's construction industry ranks in the forefront of the country's construction industry in terms of scale, and has the most open and highly market-oriented market in the country. It has a large number of specialized construction enterprises, in particular, the above-mentioned advantages of location and industry will surely promote the rapid development of formwork and scaffolding industry in south China, especially in the great opportunities of the construction of the "Belt and Road" and the Guangdong-hong Kong-macao Bay area, and laid a solid foundation for the success of the exhibition.

Second, south China has a strong industrial base, which will provide a strong guarantee for the success of the exhibition

The South China region has a very strong industrial base, and in Guangdong there are a number of enterprises that have the strength to innovate heavily, as well as Reed, Qizheng, Huilinda, Hedi, Guangya, Jingxing, Guanghua, Xingfa, Jianmei, Haomei, Xinmei, pepsico and Yichang, the fields of production and processing are also strong, such as Foshan Silver Arc, Guangdong Stanno, Foshan Jinyi, Zhongshan Ward, Foshan metalworking, Foshan mange, Guangzhou Aoqiang, Guangzhou Shun Xuan, etc. . South China (Hunan, Jiangxi, Fujian, Guangxi, etc.) also has such as Jiangxi Zhite, Hunan Yuantuo, Fujian Haiyuan, Guangxi Pinglu, Fujian Nanlu, Fujian Wantong, South Asia aluminum mold, Jiangnan aluminum mold, Jiangxi Boao and a number of industry leading enterprises.

Third, the exhibition to "template scaffolding" industry-led to point with the surface, string up the entire industrial chain, to achieve exchange, cooperation, docking

The exhibition takes "template scaffolding" industry as the leading project to develop and operate, through specialized fine operation to create a communication, cooperation, docking platform and drive the entire industrial chain enterprises.

The well-known enterprises at home and abroad join the exhibition to enhance the visibility and influence of the exhibition industry

Since the exhibition was held, it has the support of famous enterprises at home and abroad, such as Changyi in Tianjin, Taiyi in Shandong, Taosheng in Beijing, Fenan Aluminum Co. , Jianmei in Guangdong, Qizheng in Guangdong, stanno in Guangdong, Yichang in Guangzhou, Huilinda in Shenzhen, Tonglide in Shenzhen, Duoka, Peri, Hongxin Jianfa, Fangyuan in Shandong, Xingfa in Guangdong, Xinhuo in Shandong, Anke in Xiamen and Zhenghe in Guizhou. China Construction Group, China Railway Construction, Guangdong Provincial Construction Engineering Group, China Metallurgical Technology Industry, Shanghai Construction Engineering, Guangzhou Construction, Greenland Group, Evergrande real estate, poly real estate, Country Garden, Vanke, Zhongtian, China Construction Association, Guangdong Construction Industry Association, Guangdong Real Estate Association, Foshan Construction Industry Association and other construction units, real estate developers and industry associations will also be invited to participate in the event.

Fifth, supporting activities effectively promote the exhibition, Exhibition, Forum and Docking Meeting Complement Each Other, enhance the experience of participation, promote the effect of participation

Focusing on market hotspots and exhibitors'needs, the fair will implement various forums and docking fairs to be held concurrently with the fair, invite Professional Audience, distributors, construction units, designers, Project Party A, real estate developers, international buyers to participate. The exhibition will also conduct pre-exhibition Research, collection exhibitors and buyers of their respective needs, organization of effective product supply and demand meeting, to solve the industry pain point.

"2019 Guangzhou International Exhibition on new construction formwork and scaffolding construction technology and products and equipment" will form a large-scale, popular and highly influential industry brand event in south China, actively build a whole industry chain technology exchange, brand promotion, channel expansion, procurement docking high-quality platform. Here you will learn about new industry information, appreciate the most cutting-edge products and technology, open up new industry communication and cooperation channels, procurement of cost-effective aluminum mold products. Meet me in September, see you!


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