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Hubei Daily: The new driving force on the TUYERE turns merrily. Three Hubei Enterprises explore the new story of the "four new" economy

2019-06-27 08:26:25


"strengthen the new driving force of economic development. " Around the goal put forward at the 11th Party Congress of the province, state-owned enterprises are vying to be the main force. How to let the innovative "windmill" stand on the Tuyere, happy to turn up? Recently, reporters into the three ring group, Fu Han Wood Industry, Hubei Travel Investment, to explore the "four new" new economic story.

Three-ring set: "E butler" to help enterprises break the pain point

Open the "e-maintenance" on the phone, Click "equipment repair" , fill in the fault description, equipment name and other information, submit requirements. Less than an hour later, the maintenance crew arrived at the company to troubleshoot the problem.

Last December, with the launch of "Industrial Didi" , Sanhuan Group Holdings, Sanhuan complete sets of Industrial Co. , Ltd. . Chairman and general manager of Zhang Jun "fire. ".

In the run-up to e-insurance, the same claims by companies caught Zhang Jun's attention. He is keen to find that many small and medium-sized industrial enterprises have four major pain points: Material Supply Insecurity, technical transformation and upgrading difficult, equipment broken no one repair, high cost of consumables procurement.

Zhang Jun wondered if, on behalf of the world's high standard of domestic service, a British Butler could provide a whole range of high-quality services, such as a "British Butler" , without having to worry about his master getting things in order, to take the pain out of industrial enterprises? "4 + 1" Industrial Service package came out: provide industrial materials, industrial oil, industrial equipment, industrial maintenance services, plus "e-link" supply chain financial services. This means that enterprises will enjoy industrial products one-stop service, equipment and production raw materials and other things that are both critical and trivial do not have to worry about, can concentrate on production and operation.

In June, giant Whale Transmission Machinery Co. , Ltd. officially placed an order to become one of the first first fresh.

Located in the development zone of Jingzhou, giant whale transmission is one of the earliest professional reducer manufacturers in China. In previous years, due to the company's poor operating conditions, lack of funds, production has not gone up, orders have been greatly reduced.

The launch of the "4 +1" package, Xiao Beiping, chairman of the giant whale transmission, is undoubtedly a charcoal in the snow.

Three rings complete sets of companies for the whale transmission to provide 120 tons of pig iron raw materials, payment does not have to be delivered on the spot, but delayed payment for 3 months, so that the whale transmission "relief. ". Orders for whale drive are up 60% .

According to reports, the three-ring complete set of companies are building an "e-link" platform to link up upstream strategic suppliers, downstream key terminal customers, banks and other financial institutions, warehouses, motor transport and other logistics service providers, to form a complete supply chain financial service platform.

With the help of this platform, SME loan difficulty, loan expensive problem will be alleviated. At that time, the three-ring set to participate in the signing of all supply chain contracts, designated accounts for the collection of supervision, to help banks "look" the use of loans, to ensure that the supply chain financing funds dedicated.

Fu Han Lvjian: "Cabin" leads high-level customization

After watching the Lord of the rings films, many audiences have been longing for the Hobbit's warm and Cozy Cave House.

A mini apartment with a floor area of 9 square meters, the interior saleable area can be expanded to 45 square meters;

A one-and-a-half-day assembled wooden house, complete without a nail;

You want a single-family cabin, design drawings to the production of plywood manufacturers in Guangxi, all building components are produced on the production line, shipped to the site to build, 7 days to complete the main structure of the cabin construction, this is the wood structure of the "advanced customization. ".

These innovative and creative green cabins are the masterpieces of Fuhanguen Lujian, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fuhanguang group.

The main components are processed in the factory. Each component has high precision. on-site "building blocks" can reduce more than 80% of construction waste.

At the same time, all the pipelines in the house can be arranged in the floor, walls, the rate of housing up to 85%-90% .

Is the wooden house strong? Is it easy to catch fire?

Fu Han Green building, timber construction materials have been flame-retardant treatment, can be used safely. Since its establishment, Fu Han Lvjian has successfully completed the design and construction of two timber structures, namely the Hanayama Green Building Center and the Dawu Complex, which were both designed and installed within three months.

In June of this year, the project of intelligent processing center for assembled wooden structures was officially launched. The current design capacity is 50,000 square meters per year, which is about the size of 200 single-family villas. In China, the timber structure has been applied in more and more scenic spots. With the continuous practice of rural characteristic towns and beautiful villages, this market prospect can be expected.

Hubei Tourism Investment: "Six cards" to build sports tourism

Skiing in the Rockies, a marathon in Berlin... according to the World Tourism Organization, the sports tourism industry is growing at 14% a year, far outpacing the overall growth rate of 4% to 5% .

China is in the middle of a period when the demand for exercise and fitness will soar as per capita income exceeds $8,000, according to international practice.

Hubei Tourism Investment to seize this investment outlet, play a sports tourism "six cards. ".

Located in the Songzi River scenic area, relying on the reservoir development, more than 500 adjacent islands, "Chu South fairyland Qiandao Lake" reputation. But before Hubei tourism invested in the layout of sports tourism projects, it was still a little-known 3A class tourist attraction.

In 2016, the Hubei Brigade invested heavily in high-standard construction of the Zhushui automobile camp. The RV Garden Hotel, stargazing tent, fairytale cabin, Klotski in the sky, smart battlefield, fishing, book bar and other projects have sprung up, and the landscape has taken on a new look, become a set of sightseeing, participation, experience, culture in one of the large-scale comprehensive scenic spots, tourists exploding Peng.

The cross-border exploration, such as the "Camp Card" with the core of the "water truck camp" , the "Ski Card" , the "flight card" , the "adventure card" , the "festival card" and the "poverty-alleviation card" , has brought rich returns to Hubei Tourism Investment.

Last year alone, shennongjia International Ski Resort, Enshi Pingbaying eco-leisure Tourism Zone, Zhijiang Cycling Circuit Bailizhou, Yingshan County Bisheng Grand Canyon route, Wuhan Marathon, Wuhan Open and other tourist attractions, routes, events, in 2016, it was selected as one of China's top sports tourism projects, the proportion of which was higher than the national average.


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