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How about the building formwork in Guangxi? What are the advantages?

2019-09-29 13:45:04

Guangxi plywood manufacturers in the field of construction formwork, Guangxi Construction formwork occupy a larger market, as we all know, Guangxi Construction formwork practical economy, durable and stable crack, rapid installation, easy and rapid disassembly, durable products. Jialong Wood Industry building template, all used triamine glue, thick skin, full core, high-rise dedicated, repeated use of 10-15 times, using fine pine, eucalyptus wood as raw materials, based on scientific principles, after advanced production process processing. The utility model has the advantages of reliable quality, strong tensile strength, good water resistance, smooth surface, etc. . Has Been widely used in high-rise buildings, viaducts, power plants, nuclear power plants and other fields.

The advantages of architectural formwork in Guangxi

1. Light Weight: better for ground floor and bridge construction.

2, large format: Format for 915x1830, reduce the number of joints, improve the efficiency of die support.

3, no warping, no deformation, no cracking, good water resistance, high turnover times, long service life.

4. Easy demoulding, only 1 / 7 of a steel die.

5, make clear water concrete: the surface of the pouring objects is smooth and beautiful, minus the wall plastering process, can directly adorn the surface, reduce the construction period by 30% .

Corrosion Resistance: Does Not Pollute the concrete surface.

7, good insulation performance, is conducive to winter construction.

8. A template for a curved surface.

9. Good construction. Nail, saw, drilling and other performance than bamboo plywood, small steel plate. According to the construction needs can be processed into a variety of shapes template.

Summary: How about the construction template of Guangxi? What are the advantages? This is the end of the introduction, I hope to help you, want to know more about the knowledge, you can pay attention to the Liuzhou Horse Wood site information.


Guangxi building template factory which good? Building template manufacturers have many, Guangxi building template is more famous, at this time, Guangxi building template manufacturers which good? How to choose is a lot of demand user's trouble, the following small make-up will come to chat with you. There are a lot of manufacturers can make excellent performance of the building template, many of these manufacturers are the industry inside the old factory do template experience for decades, so the technical side must be very reliable. When we choose this kind of quarrel, in addition to considering the length of the establishment of this factory, we should also consider the situation of the cooperative units of the factory. Some factories have been cooperating with some large construction companies, can Win the trust of these large-scale construction companies, then the nature of the template produced by this manufacturer in terms of quality to meet the requirements.

In addition to judging the quality of the products and the technical aspects, the quality of the building template manufacturers should also take into account the after-sales service that these manufacturers can provide, for example, some manufacturers attach great importance to after-sales service, and users can make suggestions to the manufacturers if they have some problems in using the template, and Manufacturers can also the actual use of the template for a lot of good reference suggestions, so that the user is more convenient to use.

In addition, some manufacturers, because of their unique technology and because they can produce in large quantities, are able to reduce the cost of using the templates, so getting templates from these manufacturers can be an effective control in terms of cost, and cost control is a key step for construction enterprises, using the products of these manufacturers that can provide lower cost and higher quality templates, for construction enterprises is tantamount to cost savings.

If you choose a building template manufacturer, you should also look into the reputation and comprehensive strength of the manufacturer. Whether or not the manufacturer has a reputation can be known through the Internet, you can also find the answer by asking questions in the industry. Famous manufacturers not only do their products well, but everyone gives good comments to such manufacturers, the various types of templates made by such manufacturers are well accepted in the market.


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