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What is integral metope decorates board, Integral Metope decorates board advantage and disadvantage

2019-06-27 08:26:25

The whole wall surface decoration board has become the choice of more and more families, which is closely related to its environmental security, heat insulation, sound insulation effect and so on. As a result of Integral metope decorate board can install in semifinished product room metope directly, also applicable to old metope. Then, the following small series for you to introduce the Guangxi plywood manufacturers what is the overall wall decoration board and the overall wall decoration board advantages and disadvantages.


What is integral metope decorates board

In a word, it is metope adornment material, for example, some TV walls mostly use these integral metope, integral adornment effect is still very good, and more healthy environmental protection, is a lot of decorate the owner to like. This kind of integral metope is not only environmental protection, and insulation and sound insulation effect is very good, is a good choice in the home decoration.

The advantages and disadvantages of the integral wall surface decoration board

1. Advantages

1. Be Healthy

Now many materials are containing Formaldehyde, but the overall wall decoration plate Formaldehyde is almost zero, very healthy environmental protection. The aluminum alloy, polyurethane and aluminum foil used in the whole wall surface decoration board are non-formaldehyde and environment-friendly materials. In the aspect of environmental protection, the whole wall surface has more advantages than other materials.


2. Heat preservation and insulation

The integral wall surface has the good heat insulation effect, the Integral Wall surface has the heat insulation function, is because the intermediate layer pu heat insulation material function, it is the very good heat insulation material, including refrigerator's heat insulation layer also uses this material. So the House that uses integral metope adornment, have apparent heat preservation insulation effect.


3. Sound insulation

The House Wall surface design all needs the sound insulation, if has not very strong sound insulation effect, enters is also very inconvenient. And whole metope decorates a board to use aluminium alloy to wait for thick and heavy material, sound-proof effect should say is very good.


2. Weaknesses

1. Installation footprint

At present, the thickest construction layer of wall decoration material is ceramic tile, the total thickness of ceramic tile and cement mortar is about 1.5 cm, then is the whole wall surface, the thickness is about 1 cm, the thinnest is paint and Wallpaper, the thickness is less than 0.5 cm. For the relatively narrow space, need to take into account the area occupied by the overall wall.

2. Transport difficulties

The whole wall is the production, transport, installation of the whole plate, length up to 6 meters long, so in the process of handling and installation, special care should be taken so as not to bend the plate.


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