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Decorative board

2019-06-27 08:26:25

Decorative board

    Furniture materials of Liuzhou plywood. It's a kind of artificial board. It is a thermosetting laminated plastic made of a variety of special paper after chemical treatment and high-temperature and high-pressure adhesive. The board surface has a variety of wood grain or patterns, bright and flat, bright and beautiful color, and has high physical properties such as wear resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance and fire protection. The walls and roofs of many high-grade buildings, the Workbenches for making exquisite cabinets, cabinets, tables, beds, precision instruments, laboratory test benches, TV sets, radios and the casings of other broadcasting and telecommunication equipment, mostly adopt this new type of decorative board.

    Multivariate raw materials

    The board body is mainly composed of lime, gypsum, cement and perlite. There are fiber gridding cloth or non-woven cloth on both sides of the board body. The perlite powder can also be replaced by sawdust. The weight ratio of various raw materials is lime: Gypsum: cement: Perlite = 100:80-100:30-50:30-50. The raw materials are made by mixing, mixing, paste making, rolling forming and drying processes. The invention has the advantages of high strength, light weight, strong adhesion, good heat preservation and sound insulation performance, moisture resistance and flame retardant.

    technical requirement

    The multi-component raw material decorative board is composed of decorative board body and protective material, which is characterized in that the decorative body is mainly composed of lime, gypsum, water mixture and perlite. The specification and weight ratio of raw materials are as follows:

    Raw material name, specification, weight, lime gypsum cement, pearlite, whiteness 80-90, fineness 150-250 mesh, moisture 2-5%, commercial industrial grade 325-425 × fineness 40-60 mesh, 30-50 decorative board, both sides of which are made of fiber mesh cloth or non-woven cloth. The above raw materials are made by mixing, mixing, paste making, rolling and drying processes.

    Characteristics of decorative panels

    Water resistance: the base plate is produced by high density technology, with dense material, low water absorption and not easy to deform.

    Fire resistance - the base plate belongs to inorganic material, the facing layer does not contain solvent, and the combustion performance reaches gb8624a1.

    Stain resistance: the surface is flat, bright and clean, the width is large, the joint is reduced, and it is not easy to stain.

    Scratch resistance: the paint film is compact, the surface hardness is more than 3h, and it is not easy to scratch.

    Friction resistance: the film of UV fluorocarbon coating is firm, and there is no trace of friction under 3H hardness.

    Corrosion resistance - solvent resistance, acid and alkali resistance, salt spray resistance of more than 4000 hours, 3 times of the common fluorocarbon coating.

    Impact resistance - the base plate material is tough and stronger than similar plates.

    UV resistance - exposure to sunlight, no blistering, no cracking, no fading, which can not be compared with other coatings.

    Weather resistance - the color is durable and not easy to change color. The test value of weather aging resistance to artificial acceleration reaches 4000 hours, which is 1.5 times of that of ordinary fluorocarbon paint and 4 times of that of exterior wall metal paint. Its service life is up to 25 years.


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