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What are the six major decoration wallboard materials

2019-06-27 08:26:25

In the process of house decoration, we often use some decoration wallboard materials for wall decoration, which can enhance the overall decoration effect of the house, so that people can have a comfortable and pleasant mood. So what are the decoration wallboard materials? What are the common decoration wallboard materials?

When purchasing the plywood from multi-layer plywood and multi-layer ecological board manufacturers, it is necessary to check whether the surface is flat and smooth, and whether there are cracks and scratches. This is not allowed for qualified products.

In the production process of multi-layer ecological board, it generally needs to go through glue splicing and glue pressing, so that it can become slab, and then enter the stage of sanding treatment. In the process of processing, planing, sanding, leveling and repairing are also needed. At this time, a special dedusting device is also needed to better ensure the processing accuracy of the product, so as to better improve the quality of the whole plate. The pattern of multi-layer ecological board can be made into various styles, and the pattern is mainly made by cold pressing or hot pressing to fit the decorative paper and the board together, and then after the wood grain steel seal pressing.

Generally, the multi-layer ecological board can imitate all the wood patterns, so that its decorative effect will be better, which is why it is loved by people.


What are the materials for wall panel decoration

1. Decorative panel

Its thickness can reach 3cm, is a kind of high-grade decoration wallboard material, also known as the panel in the market. The decorative panel is made of plywood as the base material, and then the micro thin solid wood board cut into about 0.2mm is glued to make the decorative wall board material with certain decorative effect.

2. Joinery board

Joinery board is mainly composed of two pieces of veneer glued and spliced board, so it is also called big core board in the industry. In the market, this kind of decoration wallboard material has a strong bending capacity in the transverse direction of the core material, but the bending capacity in the vertical direction is very weak, so its price will be lower than that of the thin core plate.


3. fiberboard

Fiberboard is a kind of artificial decoration wall board material which is made by adding plant fiber or wood fiber into urea formaldehyde resin or other adhesives. It is also called density board. According to the different density, it can be divided into low density board, medium density board and high density board. It has a good reprocessing and soft texture, so it becomes one of the most commonly used materials for home decoration.

4. solid wood panels

It is a kind of decoration wall board material made of complete wood material, with natural wood texture and natural firmness of wood, with long service life. Because of its high cost and construction standard, there is no uniform specification and standard in the market, and there is no actual name classification.


5. fine core board

Thin core board is a kind of decoration wall board material which is made of three or more layers of single board and thin board with a thickness of about 1mm by adhesive technology. Now there are six specifications of thin core board, namely 3mm, 5mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm and 18mm, available for you to choose.

6. Integrated wallboard

It has a good concave convex sense and three-dimensional sense, not only can enhance the decorative effect of the wall, but also is a new type of environmental protection wall decoration material, which is loved by the majority of consumers, and is one of the most frequently used decoration materials for wall decoration and ceiling design. At the same time, it also has a good waterproof, moisture-proof and heat preservation, and is one of the most ideal decoration wallboard materials for house decoration in South China.



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