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2019-12-18 10:03:07

Ecological board cracking quality problems will affect furniture bulging, there are cracks, so the purchase of ecological board must choose regular manufacturers, such as ecological board Junma wood industry is a good choice. The improved paint-free surface adopts advanced production technology, which is directly attached to the surface of the board and has excellent sealing property to the wood.


Cause of ecological board cracking

1. The pasting technique is not up to standard

Some enterprises of the non-paint Melamine surface of its paste technology is not qualified, plate surface roughness is not enough, will affect the surface and the adhesion of the plate. Over a long period of time, it will be easy to appear cracking or peeling phenomenon.

2. Moisture content of board

At present, the moisture content of wood is between 8% and 12% , which is to control the deformation and cracking of wood.

3. Timbers

Some businesses are unwilling or unable to put too much money into the timber, making the timber stand time

Measures to prevent cracking of ecological board

1. Mechanical cracking prevention

In the dried wood with wire baling end, the use of anti-cracking ring, composite nail board, and other mechanical methods to force the wood not to expand and shrink, so can also avoid wood cracking.

2. Improve the sawing method

Wood Anisotropy, in the same temperature and humidity changes, its wet swelling, dry shrinkage coefficient is larger chord, followed by radial, Longitudinal change is the smallest, so the sawing more production of a number of radial cut plate, can reduce cracking. In particular, the pith plate is prone to serious cracking when it is dried, which is caused by the difference of radial and chordal contraction near the pith, as the drying process progresses, it can extend toward the pith and along the Longitudinal Direction. This kind of crack is difficult to prevent in drying, a better way is to avoid the production of the pith of the plate in the production of "de-coining and cutting. ".

3. If the veneer is cracked or damaged, place a damp cloth on the damaged area first, and then place a hot iron on the damp cloth to force moisture into the veneer, making it more resilient and less brittle.

4. Apply a waterproof coating

A waterproof coating is applied to the ends and surfaces of the wood to slow down the evaporation of the surface, thus reducing the water content gradient inside and outside the wood and also reducing the cracking of the wood.

5. Use High temperature qualitative treatment: reduce wood inside crack method can use high temperature qualitative treatment, produce inside crack of wood surface stretch residual deformation can be in drying process before the end of high temperature and high humidity treatment of wood to eliminate. During the treatment, the compressed residual deformation of the surface layer of the wood is caused by the expansion due to humidification, which is offset by the original tensile residual deformation. After the treatment, the excess water is evaporated and shrinks with the inner layer of the wood, so the residual deformation of the wood can not be produced, the internal cracking of wood is thus eliminated.

6. impregnate with a waterproof agent

The more effective way is to use waterproof agent pressure treatment, waterproof agent deep into the wood, to achieve a lasting good crack-proof effect.

7, edge cracking can first clean the old glue, and then in the basic layer of wood coated with a layer of white glue, and then loose the back of the edge of coated with a layer of new glue, compaction, until the glue completely dry.


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