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What is a building template?

2019-06-27 08:25:37

The construction formwork structure used in the construction of cast-in-place concrete structure is mainly composed of three parts: Face Slab, supporting structure and connecting parts. The supporting structure is a temporary structure to support the face slab, concrete and construction load, which ensures that the formwork structure is firmly combined without deformation and damage The connector is an accessory that connects the panel and the support structure as a whole.

According to the properties of materials, building formwork can be divided into building formwork, building wood plywood, laminating board, multilayer board, double-sided plastic, double-sided construction formwork. According to construction technology, building formwork can be divided into cast-in-place concrete formwork, pre-assembled formwork, large formwork, leaping formwork and so on.

Combined Steel formwork is a new type of formwork, which has the advantages of high universality, convenient assembly and disassembly, and many times of turnover. It is used for cast-in-place reinforced concrete structure construction, according to the design requirements can be assembled into beams, columns, walls, floors of large formwork, the overall lifting in place, can also be used in bulk.

Aluminum formwork, a new type of construction template made of aluminum alloy, and a new green construction template in the construction industry by Guangxi plywood manufacturers, with the features of simple operation, fast construction, high return, environmental protection and energy saving, many times of use, good concrete pouring effect, recyclable, etc. . On November 27,2014, at the "high-level Forum on expanding the application of aluminum in the construction industry" , it was proposed to expand the application of aluminum formwork, focus on promoting aluminum formwork, and implement the construction standards of aluminum formwork as soon as possible.



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