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Beware of Buying Inferior Multilayer Board

2019-06-27 08:26:25

Multi-ply plywood is produced under the trend of increasing the utilization ratio of wood, protecting environment and saving wood resources. Multilayer Board with smooth and beautiful, high compressive strength, easy to process and so on, can be widely used to make a variety of furniture. As the popularity of multilayer boards increases, fake and inferior multilayer boards will inevitably appear on the market. Fake and inferior multilayer boards are used by manufacturers to save costs by using waste wood, even rotten and burned broken wood, after the workers polished and refurbished, through the injection of glue, through the cold press will become a poor quality plate. Poor quality multi-layer board regardless of whether it is aesthetic or stable performance is poor, not only can not guarantee quality, but also healthy. So everyone in the purchase of multilayer board to open your eyes carefully identified.

When choosing multilayer board, one should see environmental protection grade and the flatness of board. The higher the environmental protection level of the Multilayer Board on the human body less harm. Again is, good multilayer board surface is smooth and even, and Black Heart, inferior board is uneven. Although our noses are not as sensitive as those of dogs, the pungent smell of inferior board can still be clearly smelled.

From the appearance, look at the cross-section at the center of the size and shape of Sawdust, length in general 5-10MM length is appropriate, too long loose structure, too short anti-deformation force is poor. In fact, buy high-quality multi-layer board once and for all the way is to choose the multi-layer board manufacturers, to establish long-term cooperation.


The products produced by the manufacturers of multi-layer ecological plywood in Guangxi are mainly based on wood and decorated with impregnated paper with patterns and textures, which can be processed into the appearance of furniture with different styles and fashionable novelty, commonly used in custom cabinets, wardrobes, bathroom cabinets and other products, the following we understand the use of features.

Because in the production process to reduce the painting process, save production costs, but also to improve the health and environmental performance of products, with a variety of colors and textures, consumers can choose the appropriate products according to the indoor decoration style, to meet the diverse needs of the decoration. In addition, the product also has the characteristics of dirt resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, because in the production process, the raw materials were dried, and the bearing capacity of the internal structure of the wood material was improved, so that the vertical and horizontal direction of the product physical and mechanical properties of small differences in the use of bending or deformation is not easy to occur.

In the process of manufacturing sheets for multi-layer eco-board manufacturers, the problem of Slab layering may occur, which is mainly due to the top-down or bottom-up velocity gradient of the propeller liquid during the process of dehydration, resulting in the separation and settlement of the fibers, and Not interweave very well.

If the pulp concentration is too high, and even if there is a situation of a paddle mass, the fibers can not interweave well, the foam is more, there will be a lot of slurry, the surface slurry can not interweave well with the fibers below, wILL LEAD TO MULTI-LAYER ECO-PLATE SLAB problems. The speed of the net is not consistent with the flow speed when the slurry goes to the net. The net is too loose and crawls, resulting in the slurry's speed gradient from top to bottom. For this, the tensioning device can be adjusted to ensure that the long net has enough pre-tension, it is necessary to control the slurry concentration reasonably.

In the process of multi-layer eco-board, it is necessary to avoid the situation that too much pulp is returned at one time, to release pulp, to achieve uniform flow as far as possible, the amount of pulp to keep the net speed consistent with the pulp speed.


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