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Application advantages of engineering overlaying wood plywood

2019-09-29 13:52:42

Architectural formwork has become an indispensable building material for modern architecture. Building template seems to be similar, but in Guangxi plywood manufacturers in the production process of different manufacturers, building template production in the use process is also different. Do you know the characteristics and usage of plywood cladding in Junma Wood Project? In order to solve this problem, the author summarizes the following points, I hope to help you.

Application characteristics of overlaying plywood in Junma wood industry engineering


The characteristics of Horse Timber Building formwork

1. The high quality waterproof glue is used in the production of Junma Wood Veneer Plywood, which is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The Phenol formaldehyde resin film on the surface has the characteristics of water resistance, corrosion resistance and high strength, and can be reused.

2, the surface is smooth, smooth and easy to demoulding, after pouring the surface is smooth without secondary plastering operation, shorten the work period.

3. The low thermal conductivity is favorable for the average temperature of construction in four seasons.

4, Junma Wood Engineering overlaying Wood Plywood selected 1 core board, imported panels, cold high pressure from more than 10 processes pressed, high turnover rate can be reused.

Junma Wood Industry Engineering overlaying plywood

2. The scope of use of veneer plywood for Junma Wood Industry Project

The overlaying plywood of Junma wood industry engineering is very suitable for the construction projects of horizontal formwork, Shear Wall, vertical wallboard, dam, tunnel, overpass, arch bridge, Beam and column, etc. .

Sawing template

1, choose the diameter of 300 mm 100 teeth alloy saw blade, 4000 rotation / sub saw with guide rail machine, saw edge as far as possible to keep straight.

2, cutting irregular geometry, you can use high-speed hand saw cutting site.

3. Underlay can reduce burrs when sawing and drilling.

Finish painting for edge sealing

1. Junma wood industry project cover wood plywood factory has been sealed edge.

2. When cutting and drilling, brush the saw edge or drilling hole with water-resistant phenolic series paint three times. If scratch, bump or other minor damage is found on the surface of the template, the phenolic paint should be repainted.

Edge-sealing process of overlaying plywood in Junma wood industry engineering

5. Surface treatment

In order to keep the surface clean, prolong the service life of the formwork and improve the surface quality of concrete, a layer of demoulding agent should be coated on the surface of the formwork before use.

Storage Stack

Immediately after the removal of the FORMWORK, clean it up with a brush, plastic or wood scraper and other non-metallic tools. Place it on a flat floor with the Underside Square and the edges aligned. The formwork surface shall not be in direct contact with the formwork surface to maintain the ventilation of the formwork, protect from the Sun and rain and check regularly.


Concrete usage of overlaying plywood in Junma wood industry engineering

Use of Shear Wall and Vertical Wall formwork

The template first lengthways shop three Wood Square, then cross shop two wood square connection, leaving a good through the wall screw position, set up a good diagonal brace. The utility model can be connected laterally with a steel cord to form a combined large wall mould, and can also be directly lifted and installed, which is convenient for disassembling and replacing a single mould plate.

2. How to use building formwork such as Beam and column

Cut The formwork according to the size and leave the bolt position through the wall. The column mould can be locked with the four sides of the short scaffold and set up the diagonal brace.

3. The use of the top form of tunnel and overpass

First, the horizontal space of the scaffold is about 1.2 m, and then 0.4-0.6 m. when the thickness of the scaffold is more than 200 mm, the space should be appropriately reduced.

The usage characteristic and method of junma wooden building template are summarized by many years'practice and technology improvement. If you have more practice experience, welcome to communicate with us!


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