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Template selection techniques for different buildings

2019-09-29 13:55:48

With the development of construction industry, the use of building formwork occupies a large proportion in various projects. Today on how to choose the right project of their own construction template, Guangxi plywood manufacturers shallow talk about some of the following points and views, hope to give you some help.

1, according to the wall to choose, the normal angular wall choose template, but if the wall is circular arc, this should be carefully selected, you can consider the choice of "curvature adjustable arc template" , this template can be adjusted to the RADIAN variable irregular wall.

2, in high-rise buildings, can use the "hydraulic climbing template" , this template to adapt to high-altitude operations, sliding, saving site cost-saving, both safe and convenient, especially suitable for the construction of steel concrete inner tube

3. Pay attention to the Brock mold and the old multi layer board and short wood square, the former can be used in the shear wall and other structures, the latter can be combined into a medium or small template reuse, both cost savings and avoid waste.

4, slab floor and beam must choose tailor-made formwork to be effective, the former need multi-storey, the latter avoid multi-storey, but slab floor and beam to ensure that the edge of the template is neat, wear and tear to repair.

In short, in the choice of architectural formwork, the most important thing is to combine the actual situation in the construction process to choose, Seek truth from facts, do know, clear project requirements and standards.


Specification for removal of building formwork

The concrete strength shall be carried out according to the design strength when the mould is removed. When removing the side formwork of non-bearing members such as beams, columns, walls, etc. , the strength of the surface and the edge of the concrete shall not be damaged by the removal of the formwork, and the bottom formwork of the bearing members such as beams, plates, etc. , the template shall be removed when the curing specimen strength meets the specified strength requirements under the same conditions as the structure and member. Prior to mold removal for prestressed concrete structures and components, an application for mold removal must be submitted, the mold removal shall be approved by the technical person in charge, and the strength of the test block shall be recorded as required. Construction site condition. When the side formwork is removed, the concrete strength must reach the removal condition and be carried out before the prestressed reinforcement is stretched. The bottom mould must be removed after tensioning the prestressed steel bar. It should be noted that in the course of formwork removal, when the concrete strength does not meet the design strength requirements, the removal should be stopped, and reasonable measures should be taken to ensure that the concrete strength meets the requirements before formwork removal. Continue Sexual harassment. In the course of demoulding, when the construction load of structure and component is more unfavorable than the influence of using load, load checking must be done to ensure the setting of temporary support. The core formwork or the hole internal formwork can only be removed if the concrete strength grade is not collapsed or cracked.

During construction in winter, the removal of formwork shall conform to the relevant provisions and measures for construction in winter. The main work is to ensure the temperature and humidity of the concrete formwork. If the curing process does not guarantee insulation and protective measures, and the concrete exposed to the external environment, concrete must be considered. Critical strength under freezing condition. In winter construction of mass concrete, in addition to meeting the strength requirements of ordinary concrete construction, the temperature difference between inside and outside of the concrete must not exceed 20C, and the curing environment must be controlled. Avoid temperature shrinkage cracks in concrete.

The sequence and method of dismantling all kinds of formwork shall be carried out according to the relevant regulations of formwork design and construction. If the design and construction of the template is not specified, the template can be removed in the order of "support first, then dismantle the non-bearing parts, then dismantle and rebuild the parts" .


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