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Types of fire-retardant board and how to distinguish fire-retardant board grade

2019-06-27 08:25:37

The fire-retardant board has played a very big role in the decoration material, below introduces the fire-retardant board type, the fire-proof level related knowledge for everybody.

First, the type of fire-retardant board how to distinguish fire-retardant board grade

The flame-retardant board is a kind of fire-retardant board which is resistant to outside environment. Its main function is the advantages of weather resistance, durability, steam treatment, high temperature resistance and boiling water resistance.

The second type of flame-retardant board is a relatively damp-proof flame-retardant board, can withstand a short time of immersion in cold water, can be used at room temperature, generally used for furniture manufacturing and general construction purposes.

The third type of Liuzhou Plywood is water resistant and can withstand short periods of hot water immersion and long periods of cold water immersion.

The fourth kind of fire-retardant board is the non-moisture-resistant fire-retardant board, which is generally used in the indoor and dry weather in the north.


Performance characteristics of flame retardant board

The moisture absorption of fire-retardant plywood is small, water absorption thickness expansion rate is stable, moisture-proof performance is excellent, does not affect finishing, paint and other secondary processing;

2 The free formaldehyde emission was ≤4.0 mg / 100g, which was much lower than the national standard E1 grade 9.0 mg / 100g

3 EXCELLENT FLAME RETARDANCY: GB8624-2006"classification of fire performance of building materials and products" , grade B GB / T8625-2005"test method for fire retardancy of building materials" , fire retardancy materials;

4 has high chemical stability and excellent aging resistance;

5. The physical and mechanical properties of Mor, Moe and IB all meet the grade a requirements of national standards

Flame-retardant plywood itself is safe and environmental protection, burning residue non-toxic, non-polluting;

7 do not damage the finishing, adhesive and machinability of Fire Retardant Plywood;

Flame-retardant plywood has excellent screw holding force and does not corrode metal links.

General Fire Retardant Board Fire Grade

1. According to GB11718-2009 standard of physical and mechanical properties: Static Bending Strength, internal bonding strength, elastic Modulus, screw holding force on plate surface and plate edge; Physical performance indicators are: density, moisture content, water absorption thickness expansion rate.

2. According to GB18580-2001 standard of national wood-based Panel Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, the chemical performance indexes are as follows: Formaldehyde Emission Grade E, E1, E2, etc. .

3. According to the technical index of wood-based panel products, the physical properties of wood-based panel products are classified into three grades: first-class products, first-class products and qualified products.

4. According to GB8624-1997"classification of combustion performance of building materials and products" , the materials are classified as: Class A non-combustible materials, class a homogeneous materials and class a composite (sandwich) materials, Class B combustible materials, Class B 1 materials and Class B 2 materials and Class B 3 materials. According to GB8624-2006"building materials and products burning performance classification" is divided into: A 1, a 2, B, c, D, e, F grade.

5, according to national norms and regulations, generally only sell B or c class plate, for B 1 Class Plate, suggest the customer according to the requirements of the Ministry of Public Security, choose C class or B class.

Division of fire-retardant Plywood fire-proof grade

Fire Grade A: Grade A is a non-flammable material, a flame retardant grade is very high, and the price is also quite expensive.

Fire Grade B: B flame retardant grade is flame retardant material, generally high-end public places, are in the use of this material decoration.

Fire Rating B1: B1 is a non-flammable material, it is flammable, but not easy to burn, in the fire retardant play a certain effect. This plate is generally used in low-end public places more.


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