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The surface of the eco-board with the standard quality has a certain hardness, the furniture made with it does not need to be painted, the surface naturally forms a protective film, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, acid-alkali-resistant, scalding-resistant, pollution-resistant.

When consumers select multi-layer plywood or eco-board furniture, in addition to taking into account color and texture satisfaction, but also from several aspects to distinguish the appearance of quality: There are no stains, scratches, indentation, pores, color and luster is uniform, there is no bubble phenomenon, there is no local paper tearing or defects, and so on. If the veneer cracked or damaged, you can first put a wet cloth in the damaged place, and then put a hot iron on the wet cloth, forcing moisture into the veneer, so that the veneer becomes very flexible and not fragile. Edge cracking can first clean the old glue, and then in the basic layer of wood coated with a layer of white glue, and then loose the back of the edge of a new layer of glue, compaction, until the glue completely dry.

The base material is the composite floor component, the basic base material component is similar, just looks at the quality, also does not distinguish what brand the base material; the floor base material accounts for the entire floor component by the solid object meter above 90% , the base material accounts for about 70% of the total cost structure of the laminate flooring. The price and supply of timber resources are the core factors of the timber cost. In addition, the substrate material because of its material composition and the use of adhesives so that different processing equipment has its cost differences.



Top grade E1 substrate is a good substrate, the cost of finished products varies greatly with different grades of products. High grade substrate is not only expensive, but also its output is relatively small due to the high requirements of production technology and equipment. In accordance with the current national standards, of the 17 main comprehensive performance indexes that can be tested for the laminate flooring, 15 are related to the substrate, the quality of the base material determines the grade of the laminate flooring, most of the performance indicators, the product's comprehensive service life. Common such as product impact resistance, product moisture resistance, product dimensional stability indicators are closely related to the quality of the substrate. From the national spot-check results, laminate flooring unqualified reason for more than 7% is caused by the quality of the base material. In order to reduce costs, some manufacturers use inferior raw materials and backward production techniques to process black-core base materials. The remarkable feature of black-core base materials is that they use some raw materials which are not suitable for making floor base materials, such as different tree species, taking Bark, Sawdust and so on as the raw materials of the base material, the base material fiber can not reach the required physical and mechanical properties in the pressing process, and the comprehensive properties can not reach the standard at all. The cost of substrate made from such materials is much lower than that of properly selected substrate products. The black-core substrate can not meet the standards of physical and mechanical properties, and its health quality can not be considered.

One is good density. The density of the base material affects the physical and mechanical properties of the products and the quality of the floor directly. The density of the floor is required to be ≥0.80 G / CM3 in the national standard. Identify Tips: feel the weight of the floor with your hands. Through the comparison of the weight of the two floors, good floor general density is high, feel more heavy; good floor base material particles uniform without mottle, feel hard, and poor floor base material particles rough, different colors, hair jarring.

Second, water absorption thickness expansion rate. The moisture absorption thickness expansion rate reflects the product's moisture-proof performance, the lower the index, the better the moisture-proof performance. In the current national standard of laminate flooring, the water-absorbing thickness expansion rate is required to be less than 2.5% . Identify tips: With a small piece of floor specimens into room temperature water immersion 24 hours, to see the thickness of the expansion of the size of the situation, the expansion of small quality better.

High Quality substrates should have the following characteristics:

First of all, the wood must be fresh enough, can not have rotten wood and too much bark."otherwise the wood fiber will reduce the advantages of wood, floor strength, service life will be shortened.".

Secondly, to ensure the use of different wood raw material density is close to a single wood species. In order to better control the purity and freshness of wood species, the production enterprises should build in the wood growing area and select the fixed species, so as to ensure that the physical properties of wood fiber for wood flooring are uniform and the mechanical processing properties are consistent. With such a condition, wooden floor can have more stable quality.


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