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  • Release date:2020-01-14 09:50:40
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Melamine Board is based on particleboard and is decorated with melamine impregnated paper. Compared with traditional sticker furniture, melamine board has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, acid and Alkali resistance, moisture resistance and fire resistance, and the surface is not easy to change color and peel, and easy to be processed into different styles, strong texture of the veneer, since its birth on the rapid application of furniture, floor and interior decoration. At the same time, as a new type of product, this product combines the functions of both veneer and plywood or blockboard, which saves the production process and increases the added value of the product, for Consumers to save decoration costs and labor costs, is leading the new trend of home decoration, the market is basically mainstream panel furniture made of melamine paste panels.

The middle main part of eco-board is made of Wood Cube, and there will be some deformation because of different moisture content and production cycle of wood cube. In the use process, if the use of damp environment, will lead to a large deformation, inside the wood will be moldy insects. So in the selection and purchase process, the need for good consumer identification of wood species. The shirt wood is light and soft, cheap pine is generally cheap white pine next to good fir, as for poplar belongs to miscellaneous wood, Paulownia is very soft and light. In the Market Ecology Board Fish Dragon Hybrid, the majority of consumers in the purchase need to be careful.


ECO-BOARD WITH ITS BEAUTIFUL surface, easy construction, ecological environmental protection, abrasion-resistant and other characteristics, more and more favored by consumers and recognized to eco-board production of panel furniture more and more popular. ECO-BOARD, because of its characteristics and environmental protection features, has always been the darling of the board industry. It was originally used to make computer desk and office furniture, mostly monochrome boards. With the popularity of family mid-board furniture, it gradually became the Guangxi Plywood factory furniture factory must choose the manufacturing materials, surface color and pattern is more. Eco-board has been widely used in home decoration, panel furniture, cabinets, bathroom cabinets and other fields.


Eco-board Green Rating:

No matter what kind of plate, in the manufacturing process is essential to use glue, so the formed plate will release free Formaldehyde, but under a certain concentration is harmless to the human body, according to regulations, indoor plate environmental protection level to reach E1, it's safe, it's eco-friendly, it's harmless. In a clear understanding of the quality of the board at the same time, the most should be concerned about the use of furniture board formaldehyde emissions. E1 Grade Environmental Protection Standard is the national compulsory health standard, it is the compulsory "safety standard line" . Because 0.9 mg / L formaldehyde content is a very safe numerical standard. According to the related data, the FORMALDEHYDE content of drinking water is 0.9 mg / l, that is to say, the formaldehyde content of E1 standard is up to the drinking level.

ECO Board itself is made of wood processing, will also contain a small amount of Formaldehyde, but the main choice of quality clearance, environmental protection level of E1, that is very safe. And eco-plate compared to other plate has another advantage is paint-free, do not paint the benefits is to reduce the emission of toxic and harmful substances due to paint, more environmentally friendly.


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