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ECO-BOARD, in the industry there are also a variety of names, common names are paint-free board and Melamine Board. At first it was called Melamine Plate, but because of the contamination of Chinese dairy products, it was later forced to change its name. The industry is collectively called paint-free plate, and some are also called ecological plate, but the ecological plate is too general, because a lot of eco-friendly panels like Liuzhou Plywood, also known as eco-panels, are easily confused.

ECO-BOARD, divided into narrow and broad two concepts.

In a broad sense, eco-board is equivalent to Melamine Veneer Board. The full name of eco-board is melamine impregnated paper Veneer Board. It is paper with different colors or textures soaked in eco-board Resin adhesive, then dried to a certain degree of curing, the paving in particleboard, moisture-proof board, MDF, plywood, blockboard or other hard fibreboard surface, by hot-pressed into the decorative board.

Narrow sense of the ecological plate only refers to the middle of the substrate for splicing solid wood such as Malacca, Fir, Tung, poplar and other melamine decorative panels. Mainly used in the fields of furniture, cabinet, wardrobe, bathroom cabinet and so on.

Melamine is one of the resin adhesives used to make eco-boards. Paper with different colors or textures is soaked in resin, dried to a certain degree, and then laid on the surface of particleboard, medium density fiberboard or hard fiberboard, decorative panel formed by hot pressing, the specification name is melamine impregnated paper facing wood-based panel, the Melamine Plate is actually said to be part of its facing composition.

General sub-surface paper, decorative paper, covering paper and the composition of the bottom paper.

1 surface layer paper, is placed on the top layer of decorative board, play the role of protecting decorative paper, so that the surface of the board after heating and pressing is highly transparent, board surface hard wear-resistant, this paper requires good water absorption, white and clean, transparent after soaking glue.

2 decorative paper, namely Wood Grain Paper, is an important part of decorative board, with or without background color, printed into a variety of patterns of decorative paper, placed on the surface of the paper under the main decorative role, this layer requires paper with good hiding power, impregnability and printability.

3 coated paper, also known as Titanium White Paper, is generally used in the manufacture of light colored decorative board, placed under the decorative paper to prevent the Phenol formaldehyde resin from penetrating the surface, its main role is to cover the surface of the substrate color spots. Therefore, good coverage is required. The above three kinds of paper are impregnated with Melamine Resin.

4 The bottom layer paper, which is the base material of decorative board, plays the role of mechanical properties of Board, is soaked with Phenol formaldehyde resin and dried, and can be produced according to the use or thickness of decorative board.


The General Market for family-oriented panel furniture to medium-density board and particleboard as the base material, that is to say, only the use of ordinary melamine decorative panels. In contrast, the narrow sense of eco-plate substrate, multi-layer solid wood or blockboard performance is much better. Multi-layer solid wood first look at the thickness and layering, good substrate thickness uniformity, layering, no cavity, overlap, smooth surface, no bulge. Blockboard also depends on the thickness, and then the quality of the internal blocks, good blockboard base block even, no bark, no arc, no big hole, smooth surface without bulge. Most businesses use ECO boards made from density boards, and some ECO boards, such as multistory solid wood or blockboard, perform much better in this area. Because eco-plate on the substrate surface smoothness requirements are higher, so the overall effect of solid wood multi-layer slightly higher than blockboard, in the use of individuals can be selected according to demand. Eco-board has been widely used in home decoration, panel furniture, cabinets, bathroom cabinets and other fields. The quality of domestic products needs to be monitored and selected by each of us.


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